Should Asgardia use an internationally used system to access emergency services like dialing 112 or 911 or should Asgardia use an alternative system?

Total number of votes: 13

92.3% Use a common internationally used system.

7.7% Use a new system to be suggested below.

Aqu 02, 01 / Jan 2, 17 14:36 UTC

How should emergency services be accessed?  

My question is not one of which emergency services Asgardia should have but how they should be accessed.

Aqu 02, 01 / Jan 2, 17 23:46 UTC

It'd be more beneficial to run a system that's in line with pretty much the rest of the world.

Especially since most of us are use to those types of systems and it's been impregnated in our minds on what we need to do in order to contact someone to get help.

Aqu 11, 01 / Jan 11, 17 15:50 UTC

Unless something comes up which specifically lends itself to the "space station" type of environment, I see nothing wrong with using a "traditional" method of accessing emergency services.

For example if there is a very specific rapid way to address a fire - which may include automatic fire "response", then that system may be more appropriate.

Aqu 17, 01 / Jan 17, 17 06:43 UTC

Dear asgardians,sir, At any emergency we must try to concentrate our mind through meditation and should try to connect with almighty power of universe That natural services will help us .we should try for our available sources at emergency .with full confidence .we should apply natural first aid at any emergency.using available means. thanks

Aqu 17, 01 / Jan 17, 17 06:57 UTC

OK, so picture this scenario.

There is a fire on a space habitat, which is every astronaut's worst nightmare. Better still, this fire is messing with the electronics that could at any second cause an airlock to open causing an explosive decompression and the death of everyone onboard.

What do I do??? I meditate for a while to connect with the universe for help. NOT.

As for the question posed - If it ain't broke, don't fix it. The way in which emergency services are contacted may continue to change over time as they have in the past (eg. yelling/screaming to bells to telephones to remote alarms), but the emergency response systems themselves have evolved over time with the benefit of accumulated knowledge of what works and what doesn't.

Aqu 18, 01 / Jan 18, 17 08:09 UTC

Dear asgardians , All we live in earth countries .during emergency ,we should take help of the government and it's available means like mobile brigade, medical emergency aids etc.In the absence of any means we should have patience must try to get natural first aid through available means.Being a space nation emergency help may not be possible like earth countries.thanks.

Aqu 18, 01 / Jan 18, 17 08:18 UTC

What exactly is "natural first aid"???

Aqu 20, 01 / Jan 20, 17 06:22 UTC

Dear asgardians, I want to tell you that any asgardian is seriously ill .I suggest him for natural first aid like artificial breathing and giving him water or rubbing his feet etc.It is called natural first aid without the help of any docter.Thanks.

Leo 02, 01 / Jun 19, 17 09:09 UTC

Ann Griffith is right.

We are a Space Nation.
Humanity only got to Space because of Science. Let's not throw that away now.

Leo 05, 01 / Jun 22, 17 20:19 UTC

Deberiamos tener todos. El conocimiento basico de primeros auxilios para Ingresar a la Nacion

Sag 19, 02 / Nov 23, 18 19:13 UTC

medical always using sciences.without science all thing cannot be like whats we think.