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Engineering a Bio-deck (Closed Ecological System)  

(I use the term bio-deck, because it is stuck in my head, it apparently is not a real phrase)

I haven't seen a topic discussing the implementation of a bio-deck yet, so here it is.

We all know how important it is to have a connection to nature; after all we are organic, and came from "nature." Simple things like wooden doors and trim have been shown to keep people "happy."

I imagine a full fledged bio-deck would be a ways out, but I feel it should be discussed how one might function.

I see water management being a priority. Something to create artificial rain (assuming the difficulty in getting natural cloud formation) would likely be a must in my opinion.

I envision aquatic life being an excellent starting point. If that environment can be stable and self-sufficient we can slowly introduce and develop the bio-deck. Plus this water would become a nutrition source for the first plants in the bio-deck.

I would love to hear more.

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Feb 9, 17 / Pis 12, 01 23:12 UTC

What would you mean precisely by "Bio-Deck"?

Feb 10, 17 / Pis 13, 01 01:50 UTC

Sorry. (I looked up the technical name "closed ecological system")

Like a bio-dome. I used bio-deck because it was more fitting.

Just a place to replicate an Earthly environment to keep people close to nature.

Plants, animals, ECT.

An Earth "simulation?" I hope that helps.

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Feb 10, 17 / Pis 13, 01 17:38 UTC

There's certainly requirement for a self-cycling system - biological systems can be less long term maintainence than mechanical ceretainly - it seems to work well enough in the current environments. I was for a second thinking you'd mean growing also the living space, wherin the "vessel" itself is an "organism" in biostasis with the "crew". For "mass habitation facilites" I'd suggest it's a poor idea to not to include an arberitum deck, various parks etc. It possibly won't be enough to remove mechanical/chemical dependance but it'd certianly reduce stresses on that system. There's another thread somewhere I think specifically dealing with biostasis. From observing various attempts at I'd suggest it's possible, it's just finding the "right balance" - the largest untuned facet being the likes of insects. Commonly removed for such experiments it's caused problems as they actually do things.

Depending on scale of structure, irrigation may be a more sensible technique than rain. In what's effectively an enclosed area you'd ideally want to keep air moisture down to a minimal. The air processing systems would naturally scrub and harvest this to prevent buildup due to organics alone. My largest concern witih such would be preventing it exceeding possibly dimensions - Upper can be trimmed easily enough, the roots might be problematic but we may be able to keep them in check with a copper mesh.

Aquafiers have also been pushed out elsewhere, Again, excellent to reduce impact on other systems but the square ft required to make it realistically workable on the scale of mass habitation suggests like conventional farms this should possibly be a seperate facilty, so mulitples of can meet demands.

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