May 10, 17 / Gem 18, 01 12:28 UTC

Faster than a Light?! (Your Theory goes here)  

Hello asgardians, this is my second topics.

So, what your theory about space ships that can go faster than a light? Maybe the fuel, the machine or other parts of space craft.

think it is important for asgardia, we need to mine all resources from another planet, so we can get our budget to expand Asgardia. 

All theory accepted if it logic.


May 10, 17 / Gem 18, 01 13:37 UTC

The best chance (on paper) for FTL is the Alcubierre Drive.

It exploits a mathematical quirk in special relativity where, by reshaping space-time, you are able to travel distances faster than light... without actually moving. Sounds like a brain bender, but the maths stacks up.

Only two major issues: 1. the amount of energy that would be required to create the "warp bubble" is literally astronomical. 2. Once the warp bubble is created, there seems to be no way to turn it off or contol it from within the bubble.

However, who knows what doors further scientific advancement will open.

May 25, 17 / Can 05, 01 16:43 UTC

Several years ago I had derived the formula of "Information velocity". Calculations show that the maximal velocity exceeds the light 21 orders ( it equals circa 2x10 29 m/sec). Matter cannot exceed the light speed, as the accelerating motion of gravitational field of substance deforms the structure of the Universe. And for v = c this deformation is infinitely huge. But, an information does not have the gravitational field, therefore the motion of information does not deform the structure of Universe. As a result, the velocity of transfer of information has no limits in form of the light-speed. If we transform our space ships from substantial form to informational form, we obtain a possibility to fly with super-super-super-....-super-light velocities.

May 28, 17 / Can 08, 01 13:52 UTC

Any vessel with access to theoretically unlimited fuel can be accelerated to 'faster than light'. I think the arbitrary speed limit of light is also ridiculous.

It has been determined that light reacts to gravity. Light which is proceeding towards a gravity well will increase in speed, while travelling away will decrease in speed. Thus, I do not believe the 'speed of light' is a constant, but more of a range. Once photons slow down they interact with other matter and become something other than light, while if they accelerate beyond a given range they become something about which we know nothing.


Jun 2, 17 / Can 13, 01 17:58 UTC

Yes. It is possible to pass the speed of light. If you have NASA WARP engine technology.

And this is the truth.

Take care of yourself.

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Jun 9, 17 / Can 20, 01 15:23 UTC

Use an alcubierre drive Scientists have discovered how to replicate the effects of negative mass so we could have a working drive by 5 to 10 years