Dec 24, 16 / Cap 23, 00 06:27 UTC

My crazy idea  


In the fall of 2014 for a project in my thermal dynamic system design course I came up with an idea. In short it goes as such; The concept involves laser[s] of precise intensities [power, wavelength, or any other term] equal to the levels needed to put the intermediate fluid [a liquid or gas that works best and at an optimal pressure] into it's excited state. The laser[s] will be shot into a symmetrical cylinder [made of an ideal material] at an optimal angel so the laser[s] is reflected around the inner diameter of the cylinder. The goal is to fluctuate the movement and the temperate of the fluid. This just being one [as far as I can tell untested component] of the system, there would need to be a magnetic field holding in the charged particles, a method of extracting energy from other escaping particles and radiation, and much more to optimize the desired goal.

But, I have never received even the most simple response to how this would function. Not even a question to my professor if I should change my project was answered. Immediately after I proposed this I had emergencies and family issues that left me without money and homeless. I had to relocate due to personal safety issues due to the nature of my relation with my parents whom deny topics such as evolution, climate change, and the age of the earth but the allegation associated with the events go without evidence....

Fast forward two years. I have done much research on this topic. Though I don't know any details of how this would function I have found that a new concept called 'Hollow Channel Plasma" was published. That being the most similar to my idea yet I believe it's decades behind in terms of scientific progress. I theorize that my concept would be better for many reasons in the applications of particle acceleration, fusion energy, in space propulsion, and many more things.

Just to test this idea or compute what would happen would cost probably millions of dollars to test all the constant variables and those that can change over time to find the optimal output.

Any input on this? Any advice on how I can make a profit on this idea?


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Jan 2, 17 / Aqu 02, 01 18:46 UTC

Hello Wallette,

I just wanted to know what are you trying to achieve here with the said plasma? Are you trying to create energy? or use this as a propulsion system?

A few things I'd suggest and to think about: I may have left out a few topics or questions but this is to get the ball rolling and your idea flowing through your head. I will add more sections as more comments and ideas come in.

Brain-storming ( Section 1) -What goal are you trying to achieve? -Material science -Energy input/output -Manufacturability(Technology to fabricate) -System Designs -Hand Drawings (rough idea), -Hand Calcs

Once I and others know more where you are heading, i will be able to pitch in more. :)

Jan 21, 17 / Aqu 21, 01 04:43 UTC

Hello Scratch50,

The idea has countless variables so the plasma could be 'tuned' or optimized for any application plasma is already used for. The main application I am fixated on as I told a scientist in the NV Test Site and Nevada's National Security Site [AKA 'Area 51'] is that I wanted to create a satellite that would have a this attached to it. 'This' would be a tube that would have a region affected by the activating laser. A space probe would be propelled through the tube by the flow of the propellant fluid and once the probe was at the best distance from the region the laser would pulse and excite the fertile fluid creating a nuclear blast that would launch the space probe made of a 'blast proof' material.

I am sure the result would severally damage the satellite and there is no way I know of how to calculate the outcome of using a nuclear blast to launch a space probe from an object already moving very fast, but I still like it.

Thanks for reading.

Jan 21, 17 / Aqu 21, 01 08:49 UTC

we need to look at the possibilities of how to use to excrements of the human body for food production on Asgardia. Food ,shelter, warmth. clothing This is part of your crazy idea. Bacaruda

Jun 27, 18 / Leo 10, 02 18:45 UTC

Dear Wallette,

As others have already pointed out, your objective is very unclear to us. If - as you stated- the goal is "... to fluctuate the movement and the temperate of the fluid." one could think of many different methods depending of the structure and specifications of the system at hand.

Actually the systems using "magnetic bottles" and lasers aren't that unpopular, some methods of laser cooling, early sketches of Nuclear fusion reactors & ... 

For bigger stuff, you should keep in mind that the efficiency of current lasers aren't that high and tuning the frequency ( wavelength) for a high power laser could be quite a challenge!