Aug 2, 17 / Vir 18, 01 16:44 UTC

Violating Newton  

A topic ridiculed throughout academia, perhaps with merit, but only through experimentation does the impossible become possible.

Thought I'd create this thread as a reach out to like minded individuals open to the possibility.

Personally I am looking into magnetic drive engines for power purposes, but I'm also very interested in gravitational theories.

Don't want to go too far into specific ideas for now, purely in the interest of keeping the thread open to all possibilities, but more sure to follow...


Apr 4, 18 / Tau 10, 02 00:12 UTC

I do not like normal famous scientists since I think they propose rubbish, since Hawking died I bet space technology will very suddenly advance!

I think magnets could infact be effectively used for 'space propulsion' as in Travelling through, Not "jet propulsion" I really pity the huge fire jets that are not only extremely inefficient but expensive and environmentally detrimental!

But they should be used correctly, none of the evil mindless "let's see what happens if we spin it around a spinny thing really fast" but purposely, by considering delicate things about magnets, they could be used like a pendulum for momentum, that is a pretty cool idea since 'one push can last an hour' yet, it might come out as primitive if the controls are limited...

Feel free to message me about it. I actually thought about this yesterday to writing this, no coincidence that I found this post!