I thought it would be awesome for my GPG / SSH public keys to flow across space! :)

Unfortunately, it appears public keys are considered in violation of upload rules; those I have uploaded have been removed and I have received a violation email.

I assume this was from an automatic check; could this be changed to allow such keys?

Here is what I would like to upload:

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEA7pyKP/PsehSB6s7DlYwp/0fhR+87LaLbgRh1lOq6bgtVIQehg1BkiRy955Qr4hMwYSPeK+WqoeVmXpLkneMtCWWA/zB2d4cq2LTUBSSJP4gXUOloY0w5NVvVan/nyqmu7OIpApvkPWzQdz4gx3YMfygJTSVWJqEKaQAy7HHFyKbn76YzgsSnctZV2tnuLL8/3hg5WO+A4Ce9ALCLDpgdw7n67EPg4rFp5dBiacxgdSUGAIB7natuFXe9uwSn3rWzw92n36D1nLaQr+MuJXGyGH/V5QVCzY48uKJSsoV8whSfrsg6BMfZdG47JNUNbH+SPRdvPL0jzcadhU7lwk/cDQ== Zouzou

The email I received:

Dear Asgardian, The file you have uploaded to the Asgardia-1 satellite has been deleted as it violates our rules (e.g. contains nudity, obscene language; constitutes copyright infringement; incites violence; constitutes hateful speech; etc.). Please feel free to upload another file to the satellite before 20 July 2017. Please take into account that all files are moderated and will be deleted if they violate the rules of posting. Sincerely, The Asgardia team