Apr 25, 17 / Gem 03, 01 13:40 UTC

Create an Asgardia mobile app for all citizens  

At present, we are in different countries, can not form an effective sense of belonging. I recommend the immediate development of a mobile phone application, it should contain multiple languages. So that we can communicate.

In the inability to form a valid country, the use of a name is Asgardia's mobile phone application. So that we can always keep an eye on Asgardia. This phone application must be logged in using the Asgardia Citizen ID. Content can contain Asgardia's laws, national composition, and policies.

Apr 30, 17 / Gem 08, 01 05:03 UTC

Who charge the project ?

How about the cost ?

Function ?

Apr 30, 17 / Gem 08, 01 10:13 UTC

certain IP r blocked in some area, also some apps, tools like tor i2p anonsurf just don't work. asgardians in these area won't b able 2 access the app

Jun 11, 17 / Can 22, 01 16:30 UTC

Hello everyone

I believe that we complicate our lives by wanting to cover more than we can. For example: mobile apps like WHATSAPP  work perfectly because; For its simplicity of operation and its reliability. The application for Asgardia has to be something similar. We have to think that millions of users use chats and therefore reliability comes first. To be able to chat in languages other than ours, I propose an external application like google translates, but much more practical than having to COPY and PASTE. Translated with Google

hola a todos
Yo creo que nos complicamos la vida al querer abarcar más de lo que podemos. Por ejemplo: aplicaciones para móvil como Whatsapp funcionan perfectamente porque; por su sencillez de manejo y su fiabilidad. La aplicación para Asgardia tiene que ser algo similar. Tenemos que pensar en que millones de usuarios utilizaran los chats y por lo tanto su fiabilidad es lo primero. Para poder chatear en otras lenguas que no sean el nuestro, yo propongo una aplicación externa como google traslate, pero mucho más practico que tener que COPIAR y PEGAR. Traducido con Goolgle

Jun 11, 17 / Can 22, 01 21:42 UTC

Currently, there is a project proposal that has been submitted regarding the designing and deployment of an mobile app. We have been going through some edits and are awaiting on approval for the 'go-ahead'. Once we receive that, we'll be recruiting for programmers, graphics designers, and other support team positions to add to the current team that's helped put the proposal together. 

If anyone feels like they would be interested in this, keep an eye out, or you can also submit your application. Here is a link for the steps to follow: https://asgardia.space/en/forum/forum/general-discussion-14/topic/volunteer-positions-available-5575/

Sep 21, 17 / Sco 12, 01 22:49 UTC

Earlier there was a development of an Asgardia mobile app however it didn't performed much good because many of us prefer the online website itself rather than an application. 


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Oct 4, 17 / Sco 25, 01 15:40 UTC

I fully agree with the brutally  honest truth philosophy. It might not be appreciated commonly but it  clearly defines areas for improvements. Someone professional wouldn't  allow any facet to result in a "brutal truth" they find unappealing.

Basically, this "app" you are describing - One that enters the  database to retrieve content, like user's posts - already exists. It's  called a web browser. This sends a GET request to the server, which then  serves it appropriate content. 

There's nothing in the list of "features" requested that's not  incredibly easy to provide via a browser, and as I mentioned in the  thread you reference, you can avoid maintaining three independant  systems that perform the precise same function. You also solve  generating more security fails for no reason, and can concentrate on  fixing the problems already caused by not thinking about what is  supposed(or not supposed) to be happening. Get all apps for free on <a href="http://tutuappvipdownload.com">Tutuapp VIP free</a> version.

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