Jun 9, 17 / Can 20, 01 21:04 UTC

Nation,Country or State  

As I'm reading the draft of the constitution, I'm a bit confused by the inconsistency of Asgardia description. Initially is called a Nation, but as I continued to read Asgardia is referred to as a Country and later as a State. Which is it?

Jun 9, 17 / Can 20, 01 22:58 UTC

There have been a lot of inconsistencies/issues with the official proposed draft constitution. In the proposed constitution that @LoreZyra and I have been working on, we settled on Nation State, which is the standard language used by the United Nations.

You can read our proposed draft here: https://github.com/lorezyra/Asgardia.Government/blob/master/Asgardia%20Constitution%20-%20Proposal.pdf


Jun 11, 17 / Can 22, 01 16:50 UTC

Hello everyone: Whether Asgardia is a country, nation or state is a matter of concept. If we are guided by dictionary definitions, perhaps calling it country or state would be the most appropriate. The word nation applies to ethnic communities of the same origin, which is not Asgardia. Our country will be the most ethnical community of all time. Here I put the definition of NATION that I found in the dictionary:


1. A group of people of the same ethnic origin who share historical, cultural, religious, etc., are aware of belonging to the same people or community, and generally speak the same language and share a territory. "The Jewish nation, the Indian nation" Synonym town

2.Social community with a common political organization and a territory and its own governing bodies, which is sovereign and politically independent of other communities. Synonyms: state, country. Translated with Google.

Hola a todos
Si Asgardia es un país, nación o estado es una cuestion de concepto. Si nos guiamos por las definiciones del diccionario tal vez llamarlo país o estado sería lo más adecuado. La palabra nación se aplica a comunidades étnicas de un mismo origen, cosa que no es Asgardia. Nuestro país será la comunidad de etnias más eterogénea de todos los tiempos. Aquí os pongo la definición de NACIÓN que he encontrado en el diccionario:
NACIÓN nombre femenino
1.Conjunto de personas de un mismo origen étnico que comparten vínculos históricos, culturales, religiosos, etc., tienen conciencia de pertenecer a un mismo pueblo o comunidad, y generalmente hablan el mismo idioma y comparten un territorio.
"la nación judía; la nación india" sinónimo pueblo
2.Comunidad social con una organización política común y un territorio y órganos de gobierno propios, que es soberana e independiente políticamente de otras comunidades. sinónimos:estado, país. Traducido con Google.

Jun 11, 17 / Can 22, 01 19:00 UTC


Interesting analysis here! I see where you're coming from here, although I'm not certain we can simply use the dictionary definition. 

That being said, I looked up the definition of "nation state" (see my post above). It is listed as

"a sovereign state whose citizens or subjects are relatively homogeneous in factors such as language or common descent."

I could definitely see an argument against using this as part of the point of Asgardia is to include all languages and cultures. However, if you take it one step further, you could argue that the point of Asgardia is to unite its citizens under a "common descent" of humanity. 

That and Space Nation simply sounds better than Space State :-)