Apr 16, 17 / Tau 22, 01 02:47 UTC

Re: Text Formatting Bar Suggestions  

Please add Link/URL icon to add hyperlinks to referenced sites.

Apr 16, 17 / Tau 22, 01 02:48 UTC

Please add [BlockQuote] function. This is something I often used under the old system to indicate I'm quoting someone...

Apr 17, 17 / Tau 23, 01 00:45 UTC

Direct quoting other posts, if possible.

Insert option for media (photo, video, audio, gifs, screengrab)

Formula formatting, if possible.

Signature, please

Apr 18, 17 / Tau 24, 01 15:54 UTC

  At least the features there was (even if hidden) before IT Team stripped them off, please.
  I really feel the need of a link creation icon (the write-url-yourself method works 1 time of 10, and 0 to 10 when copy/pasting) with text editing fields not black-on-black, if possible (I'll buy black-light goggles, if not possible ;-)).
  Worth noticing I'm not asking to implement something new as, I'm sure, the current framework is very full of editing features (nicely exposed by the good @nihylum de), even if disabled.

Apr 24, 17 / Gem 02, 01 10:50 UTC

The actual implementations remove markdown entirely. I strongly recommend to let the user decide what is used and provided a switch to a markdown editor that allows a proper markdown syntax (markdown + markdown-extra + custom tags for quoting with references + latex math notation).

The WYSIWYG Editor (this is what we currently can use) should also allow expressing math equations (using latex math or whatever is considered as good), should provide a quotation interface for previous replies, code and external resources, maybe github gists.

The editor should also add a guessed names list for name notations (triggered by an @) to ease to mention someone.

Apr 24, 17 / Gem 02, 01 14:13 UTC

@nihylum de
> The editor should also add a guessed names list for name notations (triggered by an @) to ease to mention someone.

I agree: that's why, in all my posts, I refer to other persons as @<full_profile_name>: maybe, in the future, all these meta-references will be correctly replaced by @<link_to_profile> as someone is currently doing, by hand, at now.

welcome back, @nihylum de :-)

May 16, 17 / Gem 24, 01 14:40 UTC

Quick hyperlink option, and embed image option...