Dec 21, 16 12:07 UTC

Eat plasma and crap supernova?  

I met near the cargo bay a very strange man he told me to eat plasma and crap supernova, why would i do that? He also said something about a set of space steps and lifting arms up. Have you seen this man?

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Dec 22, 16 05:17 UTC

The main question is, where do you live? No man says something like that unless he is drunk or high. Maybe a retired, crazy scientist?

Dec 22, 16 05:33 UTC

I like that! Eat plasma and crap supernova. That sounds real badass.

Dec 22, 16 06:53 UTC

He was speaking like a pirate and he was holding 6 rocks (Rockyes he called them) of various qualities.

Dec 22, 16 07:08 UTC

I live in sector B mini apartments on Asgardia near the hydroponics, beautiful place.

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Dec 29, 16 22:39 UTC

YES! Where do i sign up? xD

Dec 31, 16 07:40 UTC

there's no such dishes in menus of local restaurants, does someone have it in their area?
or it's new kind of cotton candy

Dec 31, 16 09:48 UTC


Jan 2, 17 01:40 UTC

That sounds painful. >__o