Dec 28, 16 / Cap 27, 00 16:33 UTC

Sports in Space  

So out of curiosity would it be possible could Asgardia have a sport(s) team that competes on earth what sports and what could be some possible team names?

How about nationally with many different teams drawn from Asgardia?

Also what could the possibilities be for making our own space-based sport that takes advantage of the unique location?

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Dec 29, 16 / Cap 28, 00 22:12 UTC

Oh boy It would be awesome if we can compete in an International sporting event one day :D.

I really hope we can enjoy sports just like we do on earth.

Jan 2, 17 / Aqu 02, 01 02:03 UTC

How about a swim team?

Jan 2, 17 / Aqu 02, 01 11:04 UTC

We can have space soccer and participate in the world cup or host our own space cup!

Jan 2, 17 / Aqu 02, 01 11:54 UTC

Fishing should be there. 2 birds with 1 stone, you can do your hobby + it brings food on the plate. Some fish can be easily breed...

Jan 4, 17 / Aqu 04, 01 16:47 UTC

Perhaps we can even look into some sorting of sprinting or marathon like sport to promote not just competition but good health as well. The whole entire topic is throwing my mind into loops, but this leaves room for creativity in how sports will be played on asgardia, wouldn't it?

Jan 5, 17 / Aqu 05, 01 07:54 UTC

What about Quidditch in Zero-G? Drones can be used for bludgers or snitch.

Jan 5, 17 / Aqu 05, 01 14:19 UTC

Space Dodge-ball: If you can dodge a meteorite you can dodge a ball (image of some guy in a space suit trying to dodge a shower and getting hit in the junk)


Jan 6, 17 / Aqu 06, 01 09:40 UTC

Realistically, we would not be able to have a sports team, well not a traditional physical contact sports team anyway. The zero gravity environment of space cause bone and muscle loss among other things. Both of those issues make the professional playing of sports like basketball, football, swimming, baseball, and any other sport that demands heavy physical activity and or contact risky for any Asgardian. Unless they were Earth based then such things become possible, personally I think racing would be the best sport. It is after all perfectly suited to the environment of space. But of course we are still hundreds of years away from being ready for zipping around space. So sadly it does not seem as if having a sport/s team is a viable option just yet, not without special circumstances being taken

Jan 6, 17 / Aqu 06, 01 20:01 UTC

I think if we ever would do sports in space, a form of acrobatic dancing would be great, as acrobatics in zero-g is very easy. Actually a dream of mine is to really try this out one day on a parabolic flight, in a zero-g dance costume and hopefully with appropriate music (I guess my chances for a spaceflight are pretty low...).

Nevertheless for anyone living in space and planning to visit Earth from time to time some muscle-strengthening exercise like on today's ISS would be necessary.

Jan 6, 17 / Aqu 06, 01 21:25 UTC

We should crate a national football team maybe ? :D

Jan 9, 17 / Aqu 09, 01 12:16 UTC

The war games from Enders Game would be amazing