Hello and welcome to the Fun Forum. This board is intended for discussions on off topic subjects that could be considered humorous in nature. Feel free to use this forum to share anything you find hilarious with your fellow Asgardians, but be sure to apply common sense at all times. Do not post anything that you find humorous and that others might find offensive, instead. In particular, keep racial, gender or sexual orientation jokes to yourself, as this board isn’t meant to allow anything that goes against the Spirit of Asgardia, which is one of mutual understanding and harmony among all. Also don’t take this forum as a way to quickly elevate your post count; excessive posting in this forum might result in you being removed and losing the ability to access this forum and partake in its activities.

Example of topics that belong in Fun:

  1. Memes
  2. Tactful jokes
  3. Funny videos, images or articles/stories
  4. Forum games
  5. Anything light hearted that doesn’t fit anywhere else

Please familiarize yourself with the Asgardia Forum Rules before posting. Posting in this forum implies that you have read and understand the rules and guidelines. Thank you for your interest and for your participation!