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Hey guys! It's Allie and I'm going to be keeping up with all the updates for the Gaming Community in this thread!


Using Youtube or Twitch is still in the air and has been undecided by the community which we are going to use. We are trying to get a good fan base before we do both. That being said, we are still looking for people that can record/stream games that the community will be play together. If you are capable of recording/streaming, the discord is where it will all be started at. Please join up if you aren't already a member!


Steam Group

The Steam group will be seeing more activities in the coming weeks as we start to use it more. The Steam group is also open for anyone to join right now and will probably be staying that way. Also expect the Steam group to be restructured in the near future.



At the moment, the community has only set up a foundation in Runescape, however we are looking to get an Elite: Dangerous wing going and possibly make E-Sports teams in the future depending on support and dedication.


Getting Certified on Discord

To get certified on the Discord, one must post their Discord name here: https://asgardia.space/en/forum/forum/gaming-150/topic/discord-and-steam-groups-2297/

I will be growing this list as changes happen and as we start to get a bigger community. If you feel I have left something out then please message me on the Discord. Thanks all for supporting this community and helping it grow!

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i have great computer set up and great connection i can play any game i have most of them