Mar 23, 17 / Ari 26, 01 06:39 UTC

Codex Circumscripto - The Total Formatting Guide  

Hello Asgardia,

This topic will show you, how you do use the available formats of this forum. This forum is supporting a filtered set of HTML5 Elements and a Markdown Derivate. Control Chars are not covered because they are not recommended to use.

Table of Contents:

  1. Embedding
  2. Formatting Text
  3. Contextual Entities
  4. Layout Posts


You can embed images into your forum posts by notating them as markdown ![alt-text]( or by constructing a <img>-Tag.

![Alphabet Division](
Alphabet Division

<img src="" alt="Alphabet Division" width="15%">
Alphabet Division

Formatting Text

You can format your text using empathizing markdown notations to make them bold or cursive. You can also underline or strike them. You can also colorize your text. Also a customized backgrund is possible. Technically, Marquees are possible too. You can also super a part of your text or define subscriptures. Useful for notating chemical Formulas: H2O.

Here is a incomplete list of text-formatting regulations that do not turn moderators insane (so those who could easily turn a forum topic into beepworld, will not be listed here). The marquee will be the extreme:


**bold text** or __bold text__ or <strong>bold text</strong> creates bold text.


*cursive text* or _cursive text_ or <em>cursive text</em> creates cursive text.


<u>underlined text</u> does create underlined text.

striked text

<del>striked text</del> does create striked text. ( the <strike>striked text</strike> is also possible, but the tag is obsolete in HTML )

monospaced text

`monospaced-text` is the default monospace notation but can not be used inside of a hierarchy of tags due to limitations of the render-engine of the used technology. Alternatively, you may prefer to monospace with the HTML5 monospace notation: <kbd>monospace</kbd>.

Adding colors

Adding colors to a text can be done this way:

  • There is already a tag surrounding your text to colorize. This time you just define the style-attribute (<tag-name style="...">) at the opening tag and set the color definition.
  • There is no surrounding tag at your text to colorize. This time you surround the targeted text with a <span style="...">your text</span> and set the color definition.
  • There is already a tag with a style attribute surrounding your text to colorize. This time you just append the color definition at the end of the contents of the style attribute. Each separate definition at the style attribute must be ended with an ;.

Color definitions are:
color: websafe-colorname for foreground colors.
background-color: websafe-colorname for background colors.

websafe-colorname is a placeholder for a web safe color name, a hex-notation of a color or a RGB or RGB-Alpha notation.
Web safe color names, hex-notations or RGB values can be found here:

Color names for example are: red blue green yellow or black.

Contextual Entities

This Board supports Glyphicons. Since glyphicons are available without bootstrap, i had considered them as noteable and suitable regardless of the changes applied to this website. A definitely available icons list can be found here:

<i class="glyphicon glyphicon-star-empty"></i>
<i class="glyphicon glyphicon-certificate" style="color: red"></i>
<i class="glyphicon glyphicon-scissors" style="color: blue"></i>

Layout Posts

You can structure your code by using different technics. A rich document structure makes things more readable.


# some text or <h1>some text</h1> creates a Level 1 Headline, you can apply additional formatting or icons as you wish.

some text

## some text or <h2>some text</h2> creates a Level 2 Headline, extensible in the same way as Level 1 Headlines.

some text

### some text or <h3>some text</h3> creates a level 3 Headline, extensible in the same way as Level 1 Headlines.

some text

#### some text or <h4>some text</h4> creates a level 4 Headline, extensible in the same way as Level 1 Headlines.

some text

##### some text or <h5>some text</h5> creates a level 5 Headline, extensible in the same way as Level 1 Headlines.

some text

###### some text or <h6>some text</h6> creates a level 6 Headline, extensible in the same way as Level 1 Headlines.

some text

Headings can have an anchor applied to link to: <h1 id="asgardia:important">an important part of the topic</h1>

Table of Contents:
- an important part of the topic

an important part of the topic

When using headings with anchors: please prefix your id with asgardia: to prevent any collision with the underlying source of the forums. IDs can be used on any of your installed documents and all of them act as an anchor. You should be aware of the fact that id's must be unique.

Paragraphs and Linebreaks

The used markdown derivate of this forum differentiates between paragraphs and explicitly wished linebreaks. It is recommend to prefer paragraphs over linebrakes, because explicitly linebreaks are always contextually decided and a linebreak viewed from a desktop computer must not match the same purpose as viewed from a mobile device.

This is a stand-alone paragraph

This is another stand-alone paragraph

Each block of text that is discontinued by an empty line (whitespaces ignored) collapses into a paragraph. Alternatively you can surround a specific block of fluid content by <p>...</p> or by prefixing it with <p>.

This is some text  
That is line-breaked as seen

This is some text
That is line-breaked as seen

This is some text<br />That is line-breaked as marked.

This is some text
That is line-breaked as marked.

Each line that is discontinued by a two spaces and one linebreak (initiated by the Enter-key of your keyboard) is treated as an exclusive linebreak. Alternatively you could use the <br /> tag at the position where the exclusive linebreak should happen.

Quoting Text or Code

A Quote can be established by prefixing a line of text to quote with > and a single space, followed by the contents. Alternatively, you could surround the text to quote with <blockquote>...</blockquote>. Code can be quoted by indenting every line with 4 spaces

<blockquote>Quoted Text</blockquote>

results in:

Qouted Text


    $(body).ready(function() {
      // quoted code

results in:

$(body).ready(function() {
  // quoted code

Ordered and unordered lists

Markdown supports two types of lists, those who have an self-incrementing list item descriptor (so called ordered lists) and those who have a list item sign (so called unordered lists).

Defining a unordered list

In markdown you define a unordered list by prefixing the content to set as an item of the list with an + or - or * followed by 3 spaces.

*   List item 1
+   List item 2
-   List item 3
*   List item 4
  • List item 1
  • List item 2
  • List item 3
  • List item 4

Notice: The current CSS settings of this board do cut the unordered list signs, this must be fixed to work properly. But technically, unordered lists are available.

Ordered Lists

In markdown unordered lists are defined by prefixing a line with a number (it does not matter what number is used) and a dot followed by 2 spaces. The used markdown library of this board also restricts ordered lists to modern-arabic number indicated lists. (1..2..3..4..5), no roman notation, no alphabet notation.

0.  First
0.  Second
0.  Third
  1. First
  2. Second
  3. Third


You can align contents of your topic by using <p> tags an style="text-align: center" to align them centered or style="text-align: right" to align them right, or style="text-align: justify" to align them justified.

Mar 23, 17 / Ari 26, 01 06:41 UTC

I'm sure many will find this useful - and I like the post title, apt.

Mar 23, 17 / Ari 26, 01 06:52 UTC

Thanks. The 10K-Limit of topics is a bit annoying, I could add more stuff to the topic (better examples), the guide itself is reduced to fit the maximum post size.

Mar 24, 17 / Ari 27, 01 05:09 UTC

Or you can split across multiple posts. There's no validity to my content here, I'd not mind it being removed to create cohesion.

And yeah, 10k limit is annoying.

Mar 30, 17 / Tau 05, 01 02:18 UTC

Great post!

Mar 30, 17 / Tau 05, 01 15:10 UTC

@petrv Please explain further. Is this truth? Please provide transparency. Thank you and have a great day today.

Mar 30, 17 / Tau 05, 01 15:25 UTC

Well, we three would be good candidates.

Somewhat large postcount.
Irreverant to authority (if not outright questioning at times).

BROTHERS!!!! ("The Shaft" reference.)

Mar 30, 17 / Tau 05, 01 22:35 UTC

Just a personal amusement thing.

Every time I have to enter a captcha, I put that captcha at the end of my posts. Just something that amuses me. Especially this one.


Apr 11, 17 / Tau 17, 01 13:29 UTC


I'm sorry to join so late, as I'm one of the next to be banned for sure. :-D
(so, by the way, I want my TBB ID! @petrv ;-)))

Ok, now the (wannabe)serious things: after the (very) good @nihylum de disclosed the inner joy of (this forum's) formatting to the common people, the IT Team worked like beavers to block it (nearly) at all, giving us so few tools to use (but very easy to use, lol X-D).

So, now, the question is: does someone knows how to insert a (damn'd) link into our posts?
I saw there can be as, copy-pasting (external) links made something-link-like which the (wannabe)editor recognizes as "a link" (having it correct or edited to be correct is completely another thing -__-").
Worth mentioning that the old (raw) way of linking, despite a little messy, worked absolutely well at all (@nihylum de vs IT-Team: 1 - 0).

(this post is ISO-@Phicksur compliant)

Apr 11, 17 / Tau 17, 01 17:19 UTC

Hi @Jason Rainbow

Thanks for the hint about inserting links: I was wondering how some people managed doing it (have to say that, editing the URL "black on black" doesn't help but ok, at least now I can do it).

I don't mind what @nihylum de thought, when posting his precious guide: I just saw it worked and it was enough to me.
Then I saw IT Team removed our ability to insert nearly anything: I've to tell, as I worked for years into IT department too, this is not the way things usually go: before to change a (raw but) working situation to a (beautiful but) not working one an IT Team should at least be sure it works, IMHO.

Last but not least: we're still waiting for officials' aswers to our questions, not just a "Code of Conduct" (silently) deployed (oh, I'm sure you wrote somewhere it was arrived) so, at the time, my feeling is that, if I "make you angry" I can be removed from Asgardia's life, here in the forum, blocking my rights of speech, and no one (even not Lena De Winne), at the moment, stated the contrary.
That said, now, every time I log into this forum I look under my picture: at the moment it says "Asgardian" (which should mean "citizen of Asgardia") but who knows, in the future (and without any explicit justification) what will happen?

Apr 12, 17 / Tau 18, 01 12:18 UTC

I can even add: they stated what you wrote while removing the few working tools, also.

I'm working as a programmer right now: I'm used to develop (and to test) new tools and features, which usually adds or fix problems and functionalities, not in production environment: I move my tools to production after I'm sure they work better than the (production's) current ones.

Removing features just saying "we're working on it" seems, to me, to limit the people's options to do something here in the forum. Also, there is no road map which can tell us when the "working on" features will be deployed.


Apr 24, 17 / Gem 02, 01 10:12 UTC

I'll update the codex soon. I have to double-check what has been removed and what has been added.

Please don't use this topic to discuss things that should be discussed as feedback in the feedback forums. Thank you.

Apr 24, 17 / Gem 02, 01 10:58 UTC

There is (currently) nothing to update. Markdown or tagging is actually disabled due to the implementation of a WYSIWYG-Editor. I'll update this topic once we get the ability back to place tags and markdown at topics.

Apr 28, 17 / Gem 06, 01 06:22 UTC

Thanks for sharing. Btw, what the three-chars-codes on the end of your new posts stand for?

spanish english dictionary

Jul 2, 17 / Leo 15, 01 07:01 UTC

Excellent formatting guide! This should be very useful for others in creating new posts.