Jan 6, 19 / Aqu 06, 03 05:47 UTC

Re:Contributing to Asgardia  

 trying to create currency first is a terrible idea, societies started off , with bartering and trading first, not debating and creating a currency .  An double taxes, isn't that awesome. Well actually 3 taxes if you are an Asgardian , one to your country of origin, and the other two to Asgardia, your income tax an your citizenship fee, pure brilliance, an lets not forget, for all that hard earned taxation to asgardia that ya pay you get nothing but a pat on the back in return.

Jan 6, 19 / Aqu 06, 03 05:48 UTC

 An why should anyone go to facebook to find out what is happening, this is the official Asgardia web page. that is still in BETA .

Jan 7, 19 / Aqu 07, 03 02:07 UTC

hello "Benjamin Dell", I'm glad you're interested in the general forum section, you can find my current development progress if you see that the name of the title starts with 01 # project. for the moment I got a temporary development permit in which the situation and the limitation of characters is defined, I explain very by the surface the project and the subprojects that compose it

hola "Benjamin Dell", me alegra que estés interesado en la sección del foro general, podrás encontrar mis progresos de desarrollo actual si ves que el nombre del titulo inicia con 01  # proyecto. por el momento conseguí un permiso de desarrollo temporal en lo que se define la situación y la limitante de caracteres, explico muy por la superficie el proyecto y los subproyectos que lo componen