Nov 1, 18 / Oph 25, 02 21:47 UTC

Disgusted with nothing going on here.  

To start this off, I am grateful that Asgardia has not imposed or tried to collect any taxes from citizens. An really how could they ? On top of not providing any services to citizens other than being able to upload information to a cube state that is in low earth orbit and will only be there temporarily.  To me the only thing I can gather from Asgardia is that it is still trying to form a government and branches of leadership nothing more. I don't see much room for citizens to be apart of anything, maybe " voting " which, I don't see any links to reports on how the voting actually works, how votes are processed , who processes the votes, and then a detailed report on said votes.   I don't see any links on this website in regards to plans for Identification cards, only small replies here and there that someone talked about it briefly in a Q&A session either on facebook or youtube... which then I wonder, why is there no mention of it here on this website. And where are Asgardians actually participating, on Facebook and Youtube or here or a mix or more so on one than another ?

When other countries have gone through a growing process, forming a government, etc, things still existed, like ... Jobs.  I don't see any talks by government officials on what jobs to create  or that can be created for Asgardia, even if it is only based on a cyber platform. If the government doesn't talk about or try to create any kind of paying jobs, they can't tax anyone. Obvious enough.... But then they have to provide benefits with the jobs etc. so they got a lot of problems to still over come.

 I don't understand why the upper ranks of Asgardia are still piddling around with ceremonies, speeches, setting holidays, things that don't really add up to any kind of real progress.... an not start discussing about practical things that have been at times discussed here, obtaining any kind of land, currency, etc.  All I continue to see Asgardia as, is an idea, a shell, with nothing inside.   

 Kudos, Asgardia has a constitution, has been recognized as a nation, has had elections, made a flag and created a boring and drawn out national anthem.... an there are some youtube / facebook sessions here n there.... The deadness of this website doesn't really motivate me to keep coming back, the lack of any real obtainable goals for Asgardia and progress for citizens to be active other than voting isn't motivating either.

 Kudos to a member Dirk though, dude is very active on here, I admire the guy an hope he stays active here , seems to have some good ideas and I enjoy seeing what he has to say.

Nov 3, 18 / Oph 27, 02 01:07 UTC

 Well Dirk, I guess it is just me and you chatting... the viewers here are just, lurking and viewing.  

So my thing with the news on this site is, it isn't news , for instance there is snipet of info about a new temporary appointment for Ministry of Finance.

 Problem is, how am I as a citizen supposed to know what that title means ?  does the constitution have some kind of index that points to me to some kind of section to explain such things.. or is it expected to just look it up online???  Exactly what does a newly appointed Minister, of anything really do, when there is no money, no jobs, no nothing. I am really wracking my brain on how many positions there are that need to be filled, how they are being selected, how votes are being gathered and talleyied , and how all of this isn't just wishful thinking and a big game, so that the " founder " can go around and hustle rich investors out of money. I mean to even say to the public, first we want to get a constitution, , okay check did that, then to say okay we have a bunch of empty government seats we want to fill, and do nothing just fill the position, i would say okay check that off as a goal to achieve, then my question is, okay so once the framing is done, then what. Or is this all just a digital pretend time,  like it was with the Mars One Project that hustled people out of money ,  to be the first people to colonize Mars.

Nov 14, 18 / Sag 10, 02 00:15 UTC

I have the same kind of disappointment on what concerns the creation of a real country, i'm fully grate that they are indeed trying and have already set up holidays and politicians, but it seems to me that this is more like a project than like a real country.

Maybe they should try implanting not-paying jobs like Startups, focusing on the creation of a free space country, then, with a structure, jobs and finally a plan for the official foundation on the eyes of other countries ( if they wish it ). 

Nov 15, 18 / Sag 11, 02 17:06 UTC

So why need ASGARDIA to give jobs? I got more the feeling, that people only want to be ASGARDIA, in hope there get a better life and getting work.

And I get the feeling, that a lot of people does not respect the values where ASGARDIA for stands. There are in the wrong place, to find an better life.

The Spirit of ASGARDIA, is to create an peacefully society that working and living in space, to explore and make new discovery's.

It's not about profit for the few or for you.

ASGARDIA is still in process to development. Even I can understand it from West europe and with no high IQ.

It will maybe still 10 years or more before there got real stuff in space, where people can work and living for the greater goal. Than only yourself.

ASGARDIA should only be for the people that has the same spirit, together working for the greater goal. Not because you want an better life, or only for profit. Together we can make life better

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Nov 15, 18 / Sag 11, 02 19:55 UTC

I was going to say the same thing - I respect the views of GLC as I can understand the frustration of slow movement. However, I offer an alternative opinion in that Asgardia has adopted a vastly different approach to the formation of human society in space.

Mars one - and all others like it - who accelerate the speed of attempts at human settlement on Mars / other celestial bodies are doing incredible things....but unfortunately I have been wary since their inception due to the fact that they do not have the underpinning constitutional framework to support it as an independent nation. It will potentially (inevitably?) fall prey to the argumentative and arguably primitive colonisation mentalities of current Earth nations - this is what Asgardia aims to transcend. Build a strong foundation to ensure a strong future.

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Nov 15, 18 / Sag 11, 02 23:37 UTC

I agree with glc and dirk. Also I think there should be more news on here or mails about new things, also most of the decrees look empty to me as they still need to pass the government. I can be wrong but then again we should get more news about it

Nov 26, 18 / Sag 22, 02 15:36 UTC

Asgardia is a Democracy and a Kingdom

As a Kingdom there is not much to say or do

But as Democracy, citizens need to pressure their representatives to launch the immediate increase in platform

Is democracy in Asgardia being destroyed by bureaucrats?

It is up to Citizens to demand from these elected parliamentarians a quick solution for the creation of an economy that offers opportunities for income and work.

The Citizens of Asgardia have to demand packages of credits from their currency, Solar, to start their financial activities in Asgardia.

The citizens of Asgardia must demand from their representatives the creation of a Public Academy of Sciences

The Citizens of Asgardia must demand from their elected representatives the creation of a Town Hall

The Citizens of Asgardia have to demand the creation of a Monetary Council to administer their currency, the Solar, which is an asset of the People of Asgardia.

That's what it's up to Citizens of a Democracy to do first.

And for starters, check with your local representative.

Forgive my English that is of Google translator.

Nov 26, 18 / Sag 22, 02 19:39 UTC


可以收取一定的税额,但只有在Asgardia委员会或Asgardia Citizenship Department,您何时开始授予公民护照和身份证?不,对不起,我不愿意支付这个不确定是否是骗局的纳税。

Nov 26, 18 / Sag 22, 02 20:39 UTC

I agree with you

Asgardia is a space nation and should be working on building a space station

to offer citizenship to its citizens

People are getting very disappointed with this issue.

Asgardia should be building a space station as an initial project for the construction of our space base, which should be in the stable orbit of the moon

passports should entitle citizens to participate in the project in the countries where they are assembling the station and then in space

Asgardia should be offering business partnerships to provide marketing and supplies to meet their goals

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Nov 27, 18 / Sag 23, 02 04:20 UTC

  Just goes to show ya what their real intent is, this is becoming more of a internet nation, than a " space kingdom " .

The thin with founding an actual nation , be it the USA, or Japan, etc, these countries were not founded for " future generations "  they set up their country with hard work in the present to make things happen. There is no struggle here, it is a fun concept, no doubt. but that is all I ever see happening here. All talk. With voteing being done online, never meeting in person to discuss anything. etc. 

Dec 24, 18 / Cap 22, 02 12:20 UTC


Read this, consider what is said consider it guidance. Asgardia can still change it's destiny.

Asgardia;  My buddy and I were among the first 100k in the first 40 hrs to apply,  we initially did this because we thought it was hilarious, I mean who  would actually try to build a space nation? I am 51 years old, Military  experience; Ballistic Missile Submarines, crossed over to combat MOS,  Medically Retired Honorable discharge. Civilian Career; Extensive  knowledge in technology, data center design, cooling systems BTU loads,  backup power solutions, Cloud and Networks design and program  management, featured several times in the worlds largest technology  publication, CRN. I am glad I observed and remained silent to watch this  grow and flush out, WHY? Asgardia was supposed to be free of all the  failings of what humankind did on earth.  Asgardia's dream has become a  model of humanity's failings, the model has incorporated every flawed  civilization and culture that has ever existed and everything in  civilization that has divided us. Asgardia went from a dream for all who  sought to leave the violent, corrupted failings of the terrestrial  world behind to truly endeavor to build a city in the sky for all  humankind. Asgardia has brought, politics, rank and title, monetary  system, debt enslavement, class warfare, entitlement, weapons be it  military or police force a Constitution that assigns "Rights and  Protections" to people, Lawyers with legal bable.  Why? Why would you  want to repeat the same mistakes? Can you say your model will offer  hope? Peace? A new beginning? How about happiness and a community  wanting to serve one another for the greater? Asgardia has a chance to  bring the brightest minds in history together to form a study in,  sociology, psychology, anthropology, philosophy and so much more to  advise and help build the true Asgardia.

An Alternative Asgardian Vision

Asgardians  do not need a document telling them how to behave, what their rights  are, a security force, people appointed over them or a of currency. WHY?  You do not need Politics, Kings, Mayors, Money, Ranks, Armed Security,  Lawyers and Laws, Religious or Racial distinction within Asgardia you  need people willing to leave earth behind building a new social  construct.

Asgardians work within their specialty such as medical,  hydroponics, power generation, life support, construction, general  labor etc. would they all not be equal and entitled to the comforts of  life on Asgardia without a paycheck, taxes or fees, kings, mayors,  lawyers and jails? Would it not be enough to know your work is equally  important and part of the functionality and success of Asgardia? Do I  need to be told how to behave, polite, social or that violence is not  acceptable? No, of course not, I do not require rank, money, shiny  medals, titles and a large penthouse to live in, I just have to dream  while doing my part, when I am hungry I go eat, when I am ill I go to  the doctor and  ALL the other superficial stuff is pointless.  EVERY  conceived form of governance is in play today and there is conflict,  violence, crime, starvation, poor and hungry, greed, corruption and  social classes  taking place right here right now. I have learned in  life that empathy, compassion make for a tight community and a  brotherhood of human beings giving us all a chance at a successful and  meaningful way of life  it can not be overstated. "Greater love has no  one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends". You cannot  will into law morality, good behavior, work ethics or the sacrifice of  ones self for the greater good of all, it is a choice.


Upon  completion of Asgardia and it's initial habitation my suggestion is  leave low earth orbit, put as much distance from earth as humanly  possible maybe in orbit around Mars, do not fool yourselves because if  Asgardia is built the governments of the earth will want it, try to take  it and wish to enforce their laws and trade rules and you do not want  this. Create an economy not for use on Asgardia but for earth dwelling  peoples as they will have need of so much we could offer to deal with  all the woes on earth medically, environmentally, socially and in  sustainability, let Asgardians take care of Asgardia. Let Asgardia be  completely independent of all earthly needs and only engage in areas of  trade that will benefit Asgardia because the global leaders have already  made their choice and a mess of the earth. Asgardia should have  exterior advanced defensive systems only! Advanced satellites in deep  space to establish a communications network, monitoring and tracking of  any inbound craft with the capabilities to disable or destroy those that  would wish Asgardia harm but NEVER used offensively rather remaining a  peaceful body of people.  I am suggesting you consider what you are  doing now because it will determine the Asgardian future, if there is  one.


Dec 25, 18 / Cap 23, 02 14:19 UTC


That was wholly and utterly inspirational. That is the ideal. I think though, that even without the politics, the jails, the laws, the monetary system, etc... not everyone would have the same desires once off the Earth. Humans are still humans and there will be some who will try to twist and corrupt what is good.

I do often think about a time and place where I can use my gifts, talents, etc.. where they will be welcomed -- and so in a way that creates better things, rather than being forced due to our current economic states on Earth.

I'm hoping for the best for Asgardia.

Dec 27, 18 / Cap 25, 02 22:40 UTC

@4greater 1

I agree with your words

but unfortunately there is not much to do

because everything is very centralized

we can only wait ...

I hope Asgardia reaches your ideals

Happy New Year for everyone

Dec 29, 18 / Cap 27, 02 01:53 UTC

To me Asgardia started off, interesting, I was very skeptical, slightly hopeful. This website is pretty dead over all, The ideas that Igor has, doesn't make sense, the way the government is formed and voted on with out transparency doesn't hold well with me. And the Anthem is beyond drab and boring and long and artifical. 

With out real investors , nothing will ever happen. Then when you do get investors, they are going to want something for their money, which in turn is going to create two classes, them and the rest.

Things can't be avoided, classes, envy, greed, violence, etc, even if Asgardia was a reality had a space station, and was everything brad suggested. At some point some one with ill intent would infiltrate, and sew discontent and cause chaos, societies just tend to evolve naturally. What happens in a utopian kind of society in space, where everyone was vetted , not criminals, knows how to behave etc, but then one day, a married couple has a problem, one cheats on the other for what ever reason, the other spouse gets jealous, violence ensues. then what.  Laws are needed for a reason.

Anyhow it is good to see people communicating on here , I still get annoyed with the one spammer who found this site and spams the snot out of everything, now n then.  I am tired of the dribble threads of information that are posted by moderators that do not lead to any discussion. an hence that is what I get disgusted about. Doesn't matter.

Over all, everyone that participates here on the whole, are all really good people. An have really smart ideas.