Apr 25, 19 / Gem 03, 03 11:22 UTC

Frustrated!! $1000 Citizen Certificate? MORE FEES. Lets fight back legally and Protest!!  

I cannot be the only one who is extremely frustrated by the situation here our nation is 3 years old and it's gone from "Give me your tired, your poor, you huddled masses" to a complete Kingdom dictatorship the demands money from us or get out, does not say what it will give us in return and there are no plans for a space station or even any embassies or properties on Earth.

Plenty of people would love to have their homes or donate property or cars to Asgardia to start our society here on Earth but NO you just want our money.

We, the people of Asgardia(mostly poor and low income) are fucked, have no to little power. We are leaving your scammy gated community by the thousands because you kick us out of our own Sovereign Citizenship because we dont pay. 

 There are many conflicts in the Constitution, one glaring is our legal currency is the Solar or Lunar right? So which is it we are to pay the Citizen fee or Certificate in Asgardian Currency or Euros? What a joke. Clown world.

I still have a glimmer of hope something good can come from this but I would like to know if anyone interested in starting a Protest Campaign or some sort or legal proceedings to challenge Asgardian Palament like through Vienna Government. 

Maybe then the government will listen to the poor, aka most of the people of Asgardia, or if Asgardia is just made for rich and well off people.

Here is video of Samantha Bee's Correspondant making fun of us, appropriately, because our "Society" is a cluster fuck right now aka non-existent.


Oh and where is Igor during all of this money grabbing? Our glorious leader completley dissasscoates himself from us poor plebiscite here on the official forum and gives random speeches every few months to no avail. No progress.

Please let Asgardis be what it was supposed to be, an exciting new way of thinking and acting that is all of the Earth working together shareing resources time AND money, not just money. 

Thank You.

Apr 26, 19 / Gem 04, 03 12:10 UTC

I was always on the Asgardia side and everybody at this forum knew it... but 1000 of euro? Sorry, guys, but you still give me nothing and asking my salary for 3 months? Seriously?..

We started as the humanitarian project for all the Earthlings. And now we have this?

May 1, 19 / Gem 09, 03 15:20 UTC

Now you are frustrated ? Well at least it is interesting to see that threshold for getting fked over is $1000.00.    I am glad I never put one dollar into Asgardia. I was surprised to see though a thread stating that the fee has changed and so dramatic. Interesting too that Asgardia made it to a satire garbage show like Samantha BEE; A couple of things, that program is really scraping the bottom of the barrel to have to go out of their way to rip on Asgardia, because by all accounts Asgardia is dead, and died a long time ago. Two, the massive increase to $1000.00 shows that Asgardia has zero income and or can not afford to do what ever it is Igor and his gang need or want to do. Third, they are no longer ripping off the little guy. They are just ripping off the stupid and those with the disposable income to afford such a fee.  The first pecking away at a fee was in comparison small and indeed manageable for those in the low income bracket. My guess, they realized that source of income was pretty much nothing to what ever they want.  Maybe enough for a few gatherings at a nice place to eat, or hotel , few drinks, maybe host some kind of fundraising event , and then of course to keep this B.S website running costs at least $50 dollars a month.

I took a look around on the site, I couldn't find the link that stated the $1000.00 fee, if anyone finds it , please link it, I would love to read it. I also noticed the lil blurb about " Congratulatory Letters " from a few Dirt Countries. The big player Countries / Nations are not in there, that being the USA, China, Russia, Japan, well, just any nation / country that is serious in global matters. An that is very telling as well about where Asgardia really stands in the world stage. 

Asgardia really does need to be called out and shut down. In a court of law.  At least so that those of you who did give your hard earned money to Igor, have a shot of getting it back, and IF nothing else, to completely embarrass Igor and his small gang that are now milking the stupid out of $1000.00.

Asgardia was a novel idea. It had potential. It was mismanaged and killed itself before anything substantial really happened. The only thing this B.S country is going to be good for, is for terrorists to hide under at some point in time when they come to realize it's existence and can afford to pay the insane fees and try to hide themselves politically as citizens of Asgardia. Organized crime wouldn't stoop themselves to use something so stupid, but terrorists might.

A real shame all of this is. Some really bright people were / are on this forum with really great ideas. IF any one is still here, Youtube has a channel by 

Isaac Arthur : by

He has over 300,000 subscribers and a really interesting channel , he does have a speech impediment but I don't find it hard to understand, his videos to me are interesting and worth the time. An way more practical versus what Asgardia is trying to do. I don't know where Isaac got his training from, or degrees, he does mention he spent time in the military, but to me he seems way too smart to have actually served in the military. an that is a burn on the military.  not him.  

So yeah. about it. Igor and a handful of his lieutenants just trying to make a buck, Igor had enough money to launch a cheap cube stat into low earth orbit, and start a website, and file an pay the fees to get technical standing as a " Country, or Nation " via this website and having an interesting advertisement campaign to lure people to register for free so that he could qualify under what ever guidelines where necessary when filing. 

Think of it like this, plenty of game sites out there, are Freemiums ( easter egg for those South Park fans )   you start out playing for free, an the game is designed to be fun and it is fun, but after a certain point in the game, everything to some degree comes to a screeching hault and you can not advance. If you want to, you have to pay, and buy upgrades. Granted it wont cost $1000.00, at worst case maybe $40.00-50.00  , if you are are a competitive player, it might get a lil more pricey.  An then the person who created the game is now making money while one is spending money to be entertained. The comparison stops there, because now Asgardia is no longer entertaining.

Igor wont be able to sustain this method of keeping Asgardia on life support, it will eventually fade away. Especially when he can no longer entertain the rich donors who are stupid enough to pay a citizen fee, and no longer are entertained at fund raising events.

May 2, 19 / Gem 10, 03 11:08 UTC

Well GLC3295, you make a lot of interesting points which i more or less agree with, but on the main point it being a huge scam, seems unlikely. Igor spent 2 million dollars just renting out that area in Vienna for us, if this was truely a scam by a billionaire surely he could make a better website and stuff? Like HERE IS SPACE STATION PART 032 GOAL $50,000 GET YOUR NAME ON THIS PLAQUE IN THIS AREA kinda thing, which i think will actually probably be needed to raise the money for this thing.

Basically I think it's just mismanaged at this point, the facebook group doesn't talk to the website forum, there used to be an official discord which for the life of me i cannot find a link to anymore. Everyone there was super serious but I didn't see a lot of agreement just a lot of people talking past each other.

All of this is a great first step for a society, but we all need to do what we can, and so I get why they want some money, GLC i have not given them a single cent, and I still will not until a PROPER PLAN for a SPACE STATION/MOON BASE/EARTH PROPERTY are made.

Very true that the big countries don't take us seriously, if Igor is serious about this he needs to be a GOOD dictator and hire some people who have been in the space field for many decades, that have actually worked on MIR and ISS, to help us make realistic goals.

Think about this also, if this was a scam do you think you would still be allowed on this forum? They would have banned you long ago, but they let us protest in plain site, i think this shows Asgardia is still trying to be a free and open idea of a society.

May 5, 19 / Gem 13, 03 00:45 UTC

From what I gather, the 1k E is actually an investors mark. If you invest in the Space nation that amount you have auto Citizenship. You don't need to pay it to reach that point, but it gives you shares in kitty.

May 5, 19 / Gem 13, 03 23:25 UTC

It doesn't matter what it is for. It is absurd. More over according to some public relations official that just popped in to curb stomp the frustration . He claims it is for buying " Stock " into Asgardia now if that is the same thing as what ever an investors mark is I dont know, but he did state at this point in time there is no way to purchase stock in Asgardia.

To which I had to point out, one only buys stock in Companies, that produces goods and services. Not Nations or Kingdoms.

An Cryo as to being allowed to complain on the forum, we are able to complain on this forum , to me, because no one really cares about the complaints. I still move towards the entire thing being a scam, an bounce back n forth with labels as I said in the other thread. 

Jun 28, 19 / Leo 11, 03 12:52 UTC

It's completely like a Ponzi scheme...

Jul 13, 19 / Leo 26, 03 07:27 UTC

Strange, but where is it written that citizenship costs 1000$? like I look at 100 euros, I wanted to pay this passport next year so that I could get a passport.

Jul 25, 19 / Vir 10, 03 15:44 UTC

its written in Decree 35: https://asgardia.space/en/news/decree-35

which i also dont understand at all, why there are two things now... a "100€"/year tax and a register!? fee? why 1000€? was this explained somewhere?