Nov 12, 18 / Sag 08, 02 20:42 UTC

How do I determine if I was in the first 100k?  

Fellow Asgardians! I just got the message of the request of €100 to complete my residency however it says that for the first 100k citizens payment isn't due until next year. How do I find that number? The message says to check my certificate- I did- and there is indeed a number, but a non-sensical one that is hyphenated. Is it the 6 digit number before the hyphenation? Thanks!  

Nov 12, 18 / Sag 08, 02 22:44 UTC

I do not see a citizen number on my profile at all.

I am wondering why?

I have been a citizen for quite some time and I am pretty sure I qualify in the 100k .

Either way, I support this all the way.

Also, I am going to be paying in Canadian $

How much will it cost me in Cdn $$

Nov 13, 18 / Sag 09, 02 05:18 UTC

In for answers.

Nov 13, 18 / Sag 09, 02 11:01 UTC

Hi everyone,

The ID is made up of three parts. If the number between the two hyphens (xxx-xxxxxxxxxx-xxx) is 100.000 or less, you're one of the 'Golden 100.000'.

You can check your ID here:

Dec 24, 18 / Cap 22, 02 12:24 UTC

My email account used has been long gone, I was part of the 100k and I did have a certificate. It would seem so many things are in disarray a you cannot get support or a profile update to show your membership and retrieve your certificate. Would be nice to get some help or feedback.

Dec 29, 18 / Cap 27, 02 23:57 UTC

yeah now we can see if we had to a photo in during that first 100,000 or can we put in our photos now ?

Dec 29, 18 / Cap 27, 02 23:59 UTC

 Also what a novel idea, creating an elite status for only 100,000 people, slow claps.