Yup just a rant Thread. 

Pick your topic. 

For now, for me, here in my part of the U.S.A it is stupid Alex Jones, conspiracy theorist. The guy starts off telling half truths,  then spins a half truth into how everyone is out to get us. This imaginary  " new world order "  etc. An here is the thing, if you do manage to get the names of people these conspirators who are out to destroy America, or the world, and mind you the idea is that these organizations or people are a threat. Not something to take lightly, and you are like okay you convinced me, lets go and get nuts and burn their homes down or assassinate them.. Then Alex Jones and his cronies say, WOAH no no no no no, that is exactly what they want, they want you to come after them and make them martyrs !!! 

Whaaaaaat ?  So people are out to get us. But we can't go after them in a violent manner because that is playing into their grand scheme ? Yes exactly ! okay so what do you want us to do.  An the answer is just as insane.  Be positive, don't let them bring you down to their level, go out and vote, let your voice be heard, stop buying their products, expose them, spread the word. Could you imagine this being done against the Nazi regime back in the day. The Nazi Government was literally a real threat, out to destroy the world and conqure the world. An then to have the mind set of, no no no don't resort to violence... because then you are playing into their game... Point is it is a very tricky problem. Because it takes a level of discerning and truth and justice to be on ones side to resort to violence to remove a real threat. It is harder to remove a threat to peace and justice, when that threat doesn't blatantly get on our tvs and radios and screams that certain people must die, and that one agenda must be everyones agenda or else. an then the jack boots in this agenda come knockin on ones door. But to spread an agenda, and then to do it subliminally, to insite others to act out the violence on their agendas behalf ... how does one combat people that have the power and influence and ability to rile up weakminded individuals, with out resorting to violence .

An then we have political double standards, one party can get away with one act while the other party if they do the exact same thing, they don't get away with it. An mean while, neither party is ever held accountable for their crimes, while both point fingers at each other saying that party is the one trying to destroy our country. At worst the underlings get sent to prison or jail for a few days or years, while the big money people never see a courtroom.