Apr 29, 19 / Gem 07, 03 02:17 UTC

Re:Leveling UP^  

Congratulations Level 3,

I hope one day to become a Level 3, I am but a lowly Level 2

May 2, 19 / Gem 10, 03 11:14 UTC

I agree AquariusEarth, we should all be training on our own or have some kind of guide how to be the best citizens we can be.

Also that other video that I think your talking about was widely debunked as a deepfake. So I don't know how involved that woman was with that allegedly fake video or not. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yO3qoMigVlQ

May 2, 19 / Gem 10, 03 21:48 UTC

@CryoKeen yes indeed, it would be better to have us prepared rather then constantly live our life like nothing isn't happening, most people in life were born for a purpose to sought out their own reason of their own existence., maybe if there was a secret facility we can go to out of public eye as i mentioned in my post then Asgardia could most likely make significant progress as you can see that most of us are powered up and ready to make alot happen experienced or inexperienced.

but besides that, about that video, everyone have their own opinion on rather if its fake or not, as Asgardians,we always suppose to keep an open mind on such of that nature. When we as a species doubt the esoteric,metaphysical, or even the unknowable we build a boundary that stops us from progressing forward into the future that we suppose to be living right now today honestly.

Anything is most likely to happen in this moment of our reality, especially by a lot of important things being kept out of the public eye for over centuries.

May 3, 19 / Gem 11, 03 02:37 UTC

True, I got a lot of help from Spirituality, Meditation and some ET on Twitter called SandiaWisdom is telepathys that channel/Talk to ET allegedly

I think Alien Extraterrestrial disclosure MIGHT happen by Oct 2021 so maybe they will help us make Asgardia?