Mar 14, 19 / Ari 17, 03 02:14 UTC

Monthly Payment Plan With Milestones.  


So I would love to be able to fork out £100 for the citizenship fee however am unable to give such a large lump sum. I was wondering whether an implementation of monthly payments say, £12/m  would be able to be taken as a form of interest & as a easier way of allowing those of us whom want to pay for citizenship, be able to do so when unable to afford the lump sum.

I understand the delicacies of granting citizenship to someone whom is paying monthly over someone who pays outright, however with a lot more services in day to day life being setup this way, i think it is a more comfortable way in integrating the citizenship fee into the Asgardian society in a manner people will accept and want to be a part of.

Conditional Citizenship could be a work around to allow for such a cause. Milestones of say £120 could be placed on those citizens to show commitment to the cause and wanting to be treated the same as someone who could afford to pay the lump sum. Those paying monthly end up paying more than those whom don't for the convenience of monthly payments. Upon meeting the milestone the citizen could then be moved to another branch being trusted with the history of payments allowing Conditional Citizenship to then be granted the same form of Citizenship as someone whom pays annually in full so long as the payments are continual for the foreseeable future. Maybe labelled as Trusted Citizenship or something to differentiate between annual and monthly backers.

This is just a rough, hashed out idea but i feel it to be a more inclusive and probable way of integrating the numbers of residents to the number of citizens over time, Ultimately allowing Asgardia to really have a pushing force behind it. Of course in an ideal world everyone would put £100 down but that isn't possible for some of us, and no other option can make those of us who cant deal with it feel ostracised.


May 2, 19 / Gem 10, 03 13:24 UTC

I think Monthly payments should totally be an option.

May 5, 19 / Gem 13, 03 00:41 UTC

I agree. Some can do a lump payment, some can not.