Nov 28, 18 / Sag 24, 02 07:54 UTC


I want to remember everyone what the original goals where. It was about setting up a noosphere where all humanity gets togheter and finds solutions for earth and space. Further we had to find solutions to go in space, keep peace in space, provide laws for space, habitat space and explore in space. Since the beginning lots of people where just interested in getting ID's and passports. This is not the aim of Asgardia. Since we are still building the foundations of our nation there are lots of other stuff that are far more important. To garanty that the work keeps going there must also be a funding. The previous fundings where all done via privat money from our head of nation. Now this funding is comming to an end and we Asgardians will have to provide the fundings ourselfs now. That is partly why the new fee was set up. Over the last 2 years all Asgardians had the change to donate free what ever amount. Since few had donated the budget was not high enouph and that is partialy why there are now resident fee's. Residents come after mayors as supporting citizens. If citizens can not pay the fee then they still stay citizens if they accepted the constitution. Maybe in the near future there will be found a solution for the citizens to in the form of maybe a lesser fee and/or more services. We have to focus our minds away from money and focus more on giving a helping hand in the community. Use blog and forum as knowledge base, exange idea's, brainstorming, and finding solutions which all can be used by our nation to go forward. Let the good part of your hearts and mind speak. One humanity, One Unity. 

Grtz, Dirk.

Nov 28, 18 / Sag 24, 02 17:14 UTC

I agree with your words

I feel more at ease with your words.

we should focus on forming a community

we must offer ideas to help develop the central goals of Asgardia

We need to stop worrying about money, passports, and stuff.


Nov 29, 18 / Sag 25, 02 01:17 UTC