Nov 22, 18 / Sag 18, 02 20:18 UTC

Re:Proposal New Citizenship Fee:25 Euro 2019| 50 Euro 2020, 100 Euro 2021+  

It isn't trolling at all, so grow up .

I have read the decree perhaps you should re read it yourself.

The concept of a citizenship fee , would be the same for any nation starting out with a people already in place, Australia , France, Japan, U.S.A, Where ever. Pick what ever country you like.

An imagine that the country is just starting out, just building it self like Asgardia has, people are working,  probably already paying some sort of taxation for a military , and fees to what ever leader is already in place, they already have established an economy , it isn't just wishful thinking, people are trading goods with each other for a price, or are bartering. 

Now lets take this as Asgardia is doing, now for an established people, waiting on a Constitution , it gets passed, a government is forming, now a decree comes along that says guess what, for all of you who have already been here, have been contributing to this society, now we have made a new decree that says if you want to continue being a citizen here, if you want to continue enjoying the benefits of this nation that we hope one day will be a booming one, we are making a law that says you must pay us. On top of what ever taxation you were already facing, And in return we are going to give you nothing.

Why are we giving you nothing ? Because we are just an idea and we the need the money to make more wonderful ideas.

But guess what, if you don't want to pay that is fine, you dont have too, we will just not give you anything if and when we do become something real, and then probably still force you to pay to be apart of our  " kingdom "  even if you were here from the start.

But I understand that for some people, a scam is just too much to comprehend. You would rather toss your money away at the idea that it is going to do some good, and prefer to live in denial.  Remember Mars One ? If not, go look at it, see how many people actually invested in a project that was much more detailed and thought out than Asgardia and went absolutely no where.

But don't try to sell a lie to me or others, and pretend that a law was made, a decree, that says you have to pay, but then turn around and say you don't have to pay. That is idiocy. Either it is a law that states you must pay or you lose your rights as a full citizen, or it says you don't have to pay and you retain all your rights as a citizen.

It isn't hard for an intelligent person to figure out.  

Now in the real world, are Asgardian police going to come knocking at my door to collect this fee ? Am I going to be banished from Asgardia for not paying. Of course not. And why ? Because Asgardia is a joke. But in the world of the internet, much like the Matrix, reality is a perspective .  In the internet world of Asgardia  the decree is easy to understand, a law was passed to impose a mandatory fee. You are either in, or out.

Nov 23, 18 / Sag 19, 02 06:38 UTC

  • Lo siento, pero es un vil fraude lo que hacen. En cualquier país, se paga impuestos, pero a cambio se tienen derechos, tangibles o intangibles, y ahora se da una cuestión de ciudadanía de un país intangible, Asgardia, sin se han dado derechos tangibles o intangibles, no se puede pagar impuestos, sin Que si tiene un país tangible que nos ofrezca servicios públicos, como producto de nuestros pagos.

Los derechos de los empleados de seguridad, salud y urbanismo de un país.

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Nov 26, 18 / Sag 22, 02 15:13 UTC

I agree to pay the tax.

The Constitution created the coin of Asgardia, the Solar

this means that All financial transactions of Asgardia must be made only by the currency of Asgardia, which is the Solar

All Asgardian Citizens have the right to carry out their financial operations and payment of their taxes in the currency of Asgardia which is the Solar

All citizens of Asgardia have the right to exchange the currency of their country for the Solar.

No authority of Asgardia can demand payment of taxes in another currency, only Solar


The authorities of Asgardia can not demand payment of taxes without offering the Asgardians packages of credits of Solar coin for their financial activities

The authorities of Asgardia can not demand tax payments without offering the Asgardians an economy capable of generating income

The authorities of Asgardia can not demand payment of taxes without complying first with their obligations described above

Asgardia demand taxes before offering citizens an economy compatible with the generation of income, jobs and development is a violation of the Human Rights

Nov 26, 18 / Sag 22, 02 19:32 UTC


可以收取一定的税额,但只有在Asgardia委员会或Asgardia Citizenship Department,您何时开始授予公民护照和身份证?不,对不起,我不愿意支付这个不确定是否是骗局的纳税。

Nov 26, 18 / Sag 22, 02 20:22 UTC

People are getting very disappointed with this issue.

Asgardia should not start that way, violating its own laws.

The Constitution says that Asgardia's money is Solar, how do they want us to pay taxes in another currency?

The Asgardia Economy has to start offering its citizens money credit packages, the solar, for their citizens to start their economic activities and financial operations and pay their taxes

Citizens have the right to exchange the currency of their country for the currency of Asgardia, the Solar.

The constitution has created laws for its citizens, but Asgardia is violating its own constitution demanding payment of taxes in another currency, without a social project, without an economic platform capable of generating jobs and income for its citizens.

Nov 28, 18 / Sag 24, 02 05:32 UTC

 Exactly, you cant ask citizens to pay a tax, when there are no jobs with in said kingdom or country , to thus earn the money required to pay said tax. They are asking for people to take their money earned from their real jobs in their own countries of origin, to fund a system that does not exist.

Nov 29, 18 / Sag 25, 02 21:33 UTC

They could create, at least, one criptomoney for citizens to mine and thus receive some money to pay the taxes they want

I do not understand how they want citizens to pay taxes if they do not even have a currency

In my country of origin taxes are paid in the currency of the country and not in dollars or euros

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Dec 2, 18 / Cap 00, 02 01:53 UTC

Interesting that you caught that.

Jan 7, 19 / Aqu 07, 03 19:01 UTC

As much as I agree 100 euro is a lot it is helping fund the nation and get us closer the reality of living in a space nation because trust me it’s not going to be cheap

Jan 7, 19 / Aqu 07, 03 20:50 UTC

 If that is the problem Loptverja, then financing should have been the very first thing sorted out before even creating Asgardia, Igor had no clue wtf he was doing and just went bat happy slapping things together.  Instead, he created; confusion, false hope, and distrust.

He should of had a solid blue print in place before even coining the name Asgardia, a blueprint that would have laid out, how to finance everything, how long to complete say goals 1-10.  etc.

This is a good place to share ideas, nothing more.

Jan 9, 19 / Aqu 09, 03 13:42 UTC

I guess I don't get to keep my residency if I don't pay the randsom. So much for a space kingdom above the economics of earth.

The Space Nation
Dear Asgardian!
We are moving forward in accordance with our plans for economic and social development, and this year must become pivotal for the history of our young Space Nation Asgardia.
We thank you for being an integral part of Asgardia in 2018, and we would like for you to keep your resident status for the year 2019.
As you probably know, on 17 December 2018, procedures and details regarding receiving and maintaining the status of the Resident of Asgardia in 2019 were outlined in Government Directive No.1. In accordance with this Directive, the Asgardian population data has been updated and the counters on the government website have been adjusted accordingly.
Regretfully, you haven’t yet paid the citizenship / residency card fee (€100), and therefore, your resident status has not been renewed. However, the above-mentioned Directive stipulates an additional three-month period, up until 1 April 2019, during which your resident status will remain suspended.
You can still use all of the government services that are available to residents, but your access to additional services may be limited.
We are working diligently on our rules, regulations and procedures to begin granting Asgardian citizenship in 2019. Those who retain their Resident status by paying the citizenship fee before 1 April 2019 will be in the first group of candidates to have the opportunity to obtain Asgardian citizenship in 2019 on а first-come, first-served basis.
We would appreciate it if you renewed your resident status for 2019 by paying your citizenship / residency card fee (€100). By doing so, you are contributing to the formation and development of our nation, as well as the creation of a self-sufficient economy.
We would love for you to be among the first Asgardian citizens! Please take a moment to renew your resident status, just click:
Sincerely yours,

© 2018 Copyright Asgardia, IUFV (NGO) and AIRC, GmbH. All rights reserved.Terms of Use.

This is garbage and flies in the face of the spirit of asgardia.

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Jan 9, 19 / Aqu 09, 03 15:41 UTC

To me it should 25€/year only. (not 50€ or 100€ later). It is much more realistic. I think a fee is a good commitement but 100€/year, my god no !!

My first reaction to their email requesting money, was deep DISAPPOINTMENT.
They should rely on donations and ask for more of them, as it was said already in this topic.   

Also what use of the money do they plan to do (and proff of use)? Too shady. Really sad to see that  first political error (maybe corruption). 

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Jan 9, 19 / Aqu 09, 03 15:49 UTC


I feel your pain bro, I got the same email myself today.

I have to say I am incredibly disappointed in Asgardia with this move. It would seem that not only do the banks here on earth have control, but they have also stuck their claws in Asguardia before its even left the ground (no pun intended).

While 100 Euros is pretty cheap compared to other nations (tax, sales tax etc), it is a lot of money when you are out of work, disabled and have a very low income. Because I cannot afford this "fee", I feel like I am being discriminated against. Is this how you want Asguardia to start? Its open to everyone, but only if you can afford it? If that's the case then it is no different to any other government and you are going against the very principals I thought Asgardia stood for.

Asguardia also hasn't taken into account that while a fee/tax of 100 euros is not a huge amount, I cannot afford to pay that AND tax from my native country.

I am more than happy to contribute what I can when I can, both financially and through skill/trade. I don't expect special treatment, or to be exempt from any kind of responsibility. Being disabled my capability is limited, however, my determination is resolute and my passion is strong. If that is not enough, I'm not sure what the point of Asgardia is anymore. What a sad way for such a promising idea to end.

Jan 9, 19 / Aqu 09, 03 18:20 UTC

I got the same email today, the idea contradicts all that the Constitution stands for. 

It's a big fat nope from me. 

Hopefully the 'supreme space council' can get together and sort this mess out, as not even 20% of the first 100,000 want in and they don't even have to pay! 


Jan 9, 19 / Aqu 09, 03 19:40 UTC

I also feel the 100 euro citizenship fee is quite high. I love the idea of Asgardia, however I do not work at the moment so do not have this amount spare.

I would also like to see where it is going. starting with the best foot forward.

If there was a lower fee (25 Euro) I also think more people pay, thus having more citizens and overall probably more money towards Asgardia.