Dec 7, 18 / Cap 05, 02 14:57 UTC

Question on birthright citizenship  

I am a citizen (paid in full!) of Asgardia.  Most earthbound nations have a policy where the offspring of a citizen is also then considered a citizen.  What will Asgardia's policy be?  Will my children need to be born in orbit or on the lunar base in order to "automatically" become citizens of Asgardia?

Dec 7, 18 / Cap 05, 02 15:52 UTC

Hi wolfgangrumpf,

I got my citizenship. Are my children considered citizens of Asgardia?

As per Asgardia’s Constitution, any child born to at least one citizen parent is considered a citizen of Asgardia by virtue of birth. A child born before the foundation of Asgardia may become a citizen the request of their parent(s) who are citizen(s) of Asgardia.

Member of Parliament / Citizenship Committee

Uğur Aydın

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