Aqu 23, 03 / Jan 23, 19 19:12 UTC

radiation protection..  

Just had the idea that maybe we just need an extra skin that gives us radioactive protection, a sort of wet-suit for space with lots of sensors to check the body undernead and the environment on the outside of the suite.

Grtz, Dirk.

Aqu 23, 03 / Jan 23, 19 19:15 UTC

Maybe add pressure systems like in pilot suites to controle bloodpressure in the brain and feet for example to have a more stabilized blood-pressure overall.

Aqu 24, 03 / Jan 24, 19 23:59 UTC

The solution to this question is graphene

Graphene Technology can allow us to develop space suits with its external anti-radiation armor

and internal layers with sensors for the control and monitoring of body functions, because graphene is a very thin material, flexible but strong enough to withstand the extreme environment of the space

It would be a more flexible, thinner space suit, and its performance would be better, allowing more freedom of movement in space

ease of communication through the helmet screen, made of graphene crystal and niobium with software operated by the eye of the crewman