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Roman Catholic Scandal  

 HI people,

For those of you unaware, there are plenty of Catholic forums on the internet. Now with the current scandal taking place, there are differing sides. Some want the Pope to resign along with other leaders, while there is another side that doesn't want the Pope to resign and there are calls for silence and prayer, which some see as trying to silence the outcries that are taking place. 

For those of you also that do not know. The Roman Catholic Church is technically a Monarchy, and the head of State is the Papacy, aka the Pope. The problem with this style of government  and Rome/ the Vatican is considered a government. Is it is a locked system. The only way to get in, is to become a religious , or a priest. An work your way up the system. More problems is the rest of the world is not allowed to speak against the Church in any way or accusations get tossed from the Vatican that one is a dissenter or trying to split the church, or a heretic. An back in the day, one would of been hauled to Rome and locked up for a length of time. 

Also and I find this very interesting after speaking my peace in the Catholic Forums as I am a practicing Catholic and I don't buy into this notion that Jesus actually wanted a system like this in his name. One where the people have no voice and no vote in anything and corruption can run rampant and too bad so sad is the answer from those in charge.  The interesting thing to me is some people blame problems for what is called Vatican II  and I will leave that for you to research. An they want things to go back to Vatican I.  Here is the trap of a problem though. These people are talking out of both sides of their mouths. They know good and well the faithful are in a Monarchy, and that it does not allow for decent, in put, questioning, or anything. You follow the rules, and that is it. YET these same hardliners want things to go back to Vatican I.... there ya go. 

They want only a little bit of change and then want to go back to saying, you can't change the Church to fit your needs. 

And that isn't personally what I am asking at all.  I just ask for the dang common sense that God gives each of us ( for those that believe in God anyhow ) to be used, and heard.  Some things with in the Church can be changed, and the world would not fall apart, some things like how the Mass has to be performed, how religious sacaraments are to be done etc, can not. But the part that I think should be changed is from a locked down Monarchy, to some kind of system that is blooming like Asgardia. People still complain about things are unfair etc. BUT at least the citizens of Asgardia get a vote.  Heck there are literally other corrupt nations that pander to the people and pretend to give them a real honest chance at voting but they don't have one.

And Church could have a system in place, where when things go south, or things come into question the lay people of the Church, can have a vote, which is brought up to their local bishop, which the bishop has to give an answer and an explenation, and in turn if in agreement with the people the issue gets run up the flag pole.

But what I hate is that their is notion, that clergy and religious are " hoiler " or have some kind of " direct " connection to Jesus or God. It is insane. God wants to be apart of everyone lives at a personal level and it is up to us to figure out how to get to that level. These religious and clergy really of any religion are there not to rule, but to provide a service and be a guide. Not lords. An the Church hates being told this.

I look at Asgardia and the potential it has. The honesty it has to be respectful of everyone, of all religions and etc. An I appreciate it. We as a nation are still in a very young phase. There will be growing pains, but i seriously doubt we will see giant levels of corruption at the level the Church has become.   An please do not get me wrong I do not suggest anyone who is Catholic to leave the Church, or people considering to join to turn a run away.  Just don't be afraid to question power. An don't be afraid to let a higher power / God instruct you on the truth.

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Also, any opinions if at least in regards to the scandal involving America, should those involved in the conspiracy be tried under R.I.C.O  act/ statute ?

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Please remember that Asgardia is a "Secular Society", and that while we can freely discuss any issues involved in governance of a system (as described above), discussion of a religious nature should be confined to the that of a theological nature and in the correct place within this forum.  

Many thanks in advance for everyone's cooperation in this matter.

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 I only posted this topic, because I felt comfortable with the people who post here to not go on a bashing spree. An if this thread is in the wrong part of the forum, hopefully an admin can move it to the right place. 

I do realize that Asgardia is a secular society, all societies are, but with in each society are religions, and not having studied the entire Asgardian Constitution, I suspect there are clauses that address being able to worship of any religion..

So with that being said, I am curious, how would Asgardia handle this situation that has arised ?

An I hope I have not come off as bashing or trolling on this issue, my sincerest apologies if it appears as such but I assure all, it is not. I am a practicing Catholic my self, and the issue does not just hit at Catholics but the world.  I don't think it should be an issue that Asgardia ignores or hides from. I am critical of the Catholic Church, but only in the sense of my own personal beliefs, I don't personally go out of my way and never would to try and bash any religion. let alone my own. If no one wants to talk about this, that is fine. The forum in general is usually slow for conversations. I will say this forum from top to bottom is the most civil forum i have ever been on. an appreciate it.

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I agree that "Secular" doesn't mean a ban of any religious talk...Many people have religion and I am one of them.

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