Feb 21, 19 / Pis 24, 03 16:28 UTC

Space Travel  

I wonder how much would it cost us to get to Asgardia and back to Earth. Well, we still have a life back at ol'Mother Nature. 

Next, what are the possible ways for us to get to Asgardia in the future. Space Elevator? Space Plane? I dunno... Just wanna your thoughts 😂 

Feb 28, 19 / Ari 03, 03 13:24 UTC

The future of space travel appears bleak right now, but it is not going away. Mankind will live, work, and travel, in space. It's not a matter of if, but when. 

George Friedman, a geopolitical scientist and author of "The Next 100 Years" predicts that the World War III will be the first war in which some battles will be fought in space. The reason for this is space-based weapons not unlike the ones seen in Bond movies "GoldenEye" and "Die Another Day." The Japanese will challenge the American military dominance over space much the same way they challenged the American dominance over the seas nearly 70 years ago. Friedman's predictions are not guaranteed to come true, but given his sound arguments, I agree that at least some of the events he predicts are likely to happen. 

Apr 7, 19 / Tau 13, 03 14:38 UTC

Space travel is very expensive

it is necessary to make travel cheaper

one way to make this reality is to develop antimatter production technology, which is a clean fuel and much more suitable for space travel.

Today the production of antimatter is expensive and experimental, but with the development of technology we can have a safe, clean and inexpensive source of traveling into space

Apr 24, 19 / Gem 02, 03 04:28 UTC

Hans Moravec proposed a synchronized rotating skyhook back in 1976. It's still a good idea.

Apr 26, 19 / Gem 04, 03 03:28 UTC

Space travel would be unforgettable trip but the idea of leaving planet scares me. I don't even know if I could