Nov 18, 18 / Sag 14, 02 12:05 UTC


The citizenship fee is too expensive for a student. As a student I don't earn my own money, so I am not able to pay the fee. I think students must be privileged. 

Nov 29, 18 / Sag 25, 02 21:54 UTC

People are getting disappointed with this issue

many people thought there was some space project that we could contribute, participate in solutions on some related issues, but there is none of this here

there is only this passive platform, a map showing where the satellite is going, and a forum with 4 or 5 active members

they should create a currency crypto for citizens to mine and so raise some money to help in the cause

Nov 30, 18 / Sag 26, 02 07:55 UTC


you can do not pay the fee and still have rights of resident. The fee is needed only for full citizenship and it is normal for any state in the world.

So right now you can be resident and just wait the moment when the economical system of Asgardia will give you some advantages which is good for pay fee...