Nov 24, 18 / Sag 20, 02 02:46 UTC

Re:Tax Fee Or Voluntary Payment  

 Exactly it is convoluted and a scam. What exactly was the purpose of making a " Decree " or " law " if in the  " Document " is wording that says it is Voluntary ?

That is a redundancy to create a law to say something is voluntary and on top of being voluntary there are no repercussions for not paying. There are only two institutions I know of that create a catch 22 on the concept of VOLUNTARY , The military , and The Catholic Church, you are free to enter, but once you are in, you can't just willy nilly leave when ever you please, at least not with out consequences that are negative.

IF this was intended to be only a voluntary donation campaign, it should have been stated as such, not labeled a " Citizen fee " not needing a " decree "  just create a stupid link that one can click on, have donation options in Euros and USD , put up a lil paragraph what the donations are going to fund, and call it a day. 

Because now what has been created is distrust and confusion.

Nov 24, 18 / Sag 20, 02 14:03 UTC

I agree with the tax collection

Taxes should serve to benefit the economy of Asgardia and the welfare of its citizens, that is the principle of every economy.

The currency of Asgardia is the Solar, all public transactions of Asgardia must be in the currency of the country.

The citizens of Asgardia must pay their taxes in the currency of Asgardia, which is the Solar.

Charging taxes in another currency is a violation of the rights of Asgardian citizens to use their own currency, created by the constitution.

Parliament can not choose to pay the taxes of Asgardia for the European economy because Asgardia is not part of the European community.

There is a violation of the principle of equality of Asgardian citizens who reside in other countries outside the territory of the European Union, in negative economic situation

the parliament is violating the constitutional rights of the Asgardian citizens because they are encouraging the economy of another country, instead of supporting the economy of Asgardia.

The parliament must create initiatives for the use of Asgardia's currency, which is Solar

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Nov 24, 18 / Sag 20, 02 15:01 UTC

How can a government expect its' citizens to pay any kind of tax or fee, when there are no jobs. Where does this government think the money is going to come from ? I have already served my country in the Military, does the Asgardia government think I am going to take my earnings from that to pay a citizen fee or tax ?

just rhetorical is what I am asking.  Asgardia was fun as a concept, it was fun that someone sent up a cube sat into low earth orbit, it was fun to create a constitution and etc, but it has all ended there. They can't create any kind of real job for anyone to be apart of because that requires benefits which they can not provide. They can't even create a bartering system just to start things off, to then transition into a real financial system.

There are games literally online, where the currency in the game has real online value in that game, why, because it transitions from real currency to products that you can use in the game online so your national currency, transfers into a game currency, you then go in the game and use that currency to purchase things to advance yourself in that online world. 

Asgardia can't even figure that much out.

An how about our " elected officials " , what is the government paying them ? Or are they volunteers ? How much are they being required to pay into the citizen fee.

Don't be a sucker.

Nov 24, 18 / Sag 20, 02 22:24 UTC

I agree to pay taxes

Asgardia is a Digital Nation, for now

The constitution says that Asgardia's currency is the Solar

Parliament can not want to pay taxes in another currency, only Solar.

The collection of taxes in another currency is a disaster against the public economy of Asgardia, because it does not develop the economy of Asgardia, but, of another economy.

The economy of Asgardia must begin by building a Public Academy for its citizens to develop projects for the economy,

Asgardia needs City Councils so that its citizens can present projects and develop statutes and regulations

Asgardia needs to create within its Public Academy, a monetary council, composed of ordinary citizens, to facilitate operations with its currency, Solar,All these things can be done digitally, increasing the platform.

Asgardia needs to offer initial packages of its currency for its citizens to start their economic activities within the digital territory of Asgardia, through social benefits and public bank loans without interest charges

The currency of Asgardia is the Solar, and the citizens of Asgardia have the right to exchange the currency of their country of origin for Solar to pay their taxes and to carry out all the monetary operations within the digital territory of Asgardia, that is the right that the Constitution offers us when it created the Solar.

The Constitution created the currency of Asgardia, the Solar, therefore, it is a public good, therefore, all citizens have the right to enjoy the currency of Asgardia, which is the Solar,

 The governmental institutions of Asgardia can not demand the payment of governmental taxes of citizens of Asgardia in another currency

The governmental institutions of Asgardia can not demand the payment of taxes without the due public budget for their expenses

The governmental institutions of Asgardia can not demand the payment of taxes without the due survey of the Indices that form the economy of Asgardia, indices such as the Gross Domestic Product, Income per Capta, Range of Payments of Wages, Total Value of the Debts Amount of the Public Debt , Value of the Gross Content Produced by the Companies, Balance of the Commercial Balance, Main Sectors of the Economic Activity that Generated Profits and Losses, Etc, etc ...

The governmental institutions of Asgardia can not demand the payment of taxes without due study that prove the resulting impact on the economy of the country

The governmental institutions of Asgardia can not demand the payment of taxes before the presentation of the report of the economic situation of the country

All these things can be done digitally, increasing the platform, it is not difficult

The collection of taxes by the state without having fulfilled its minimum obligations, described above, constitutes a violation of the morality that the state of Asgardia affirms to have as principle

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Nov 25, 18 / Sag 21, 02 05:54 UTC

 I don't agree to pay taxes, because the actual money I have, is from the work I did in my own country, with the jobs that were available in my country. I got benefits from the jobs I have worked in my country. I am not going to take my money, and have it converted into Solar, and pay Asgardia anything, for any reason, be it an Asgardian Law or voluntary donations. Why ?

Because Asgardia doesn't offer me anything, Asgardia doesn't offer me options to earn money , I can't even do banking in Asgardia ONLINE , to invest my money into Asgardia and let it grow and then pay a " tax " or voluntarily make a donation from that investment.

What is being asked for by the Asgardian goverment is a hand out.  They want money for their own agenda be it positive or negative. 

 If Asgardia wants money, they need to start selling things first, go to any number of companies out on the market, have bumper stickers made, coffee mugs , shirts, hats, buttons, with the Asgardia logo on it, and the web address on it.  Start marketing.  Asgardia needs people who are into marketing and sales.  But alas, it is just a digital joke.

Nov 25, 18 / Sag 21, 02 16:43 UTC

I agree to pay taxes

but I agree with you too

we must pay taxes for the economy of Asgardia, with resources of Asgardia

To develop the economy of Asgardia,

we need to create solutions for the development of a project for the construction of a space station, that will be the beginning of a larger project on the construction of a space base in the orbit of the moon.

The purpose of this space base will be to provide resources for the planet.

The methods used would be the mining of asteroids, development of new energy technologies, new agricultural technologies and the improvement of communications technologies

The economy of Asgardia, based on these paradigms, can offer a leap for humanity and the development of a biological industry capable of greatly increasing the human body's ability to survive in space

Being a citizen of Asgardia is participating in this project and not paying taxes

when we commit ourselves to these goals, we will be citizens of Asgardia.

Nov 26, 18 / Sag 22, 02 23:10 UTC


> "The law should be done in the law-section of Asgardia and the guidings  to the citizens should be information what citizens can do inside this  law environment."

Do these sections of the website exist yet? If so, where are they? Thanks.

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Nov 27, 18 / Sag 23, 02 15:42 UTC

Есть такое изречение: благополучие государства характеризуется отношением к пожилым и неимущим людям. Если Асгардия стремится к добру, то правительство должно заботиться о тех, кто уже сейчас подходит под эту категорию и о тех, кто будет под нее подходить в будущем. Или о будущем правительству думать неудобно ??? Тогда для тех, о которых я пишу, должны разработать систему льгот и социальных пособий. Да и в самом деле, для одного заплатить 100 € чепуха, а другой не может этого сделать. Вот я хочу стать гражданином Асгардии, а такую сумму заплатить не могу потому что не молод и не богат. Зато у меня есть огромный жизненный опыт! Так что, я недостоин быть гражданином Асгардии?

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