Aug 7, 18 / Vir 23, 02 15:31 UTC

Theme of the Day 07 AUG 2018  

Hello Asgardians!

The Theme of the Day is How Will We Fly!

Please discuss your thoughts on it below!

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Aug 7, 18 / Vir 23, 02 18:45 UTC

I believe there is a relation between magnetism and gravity. I think we need to find a tool/technology to "view" magnetic fields by intensity etc and have a 3D-updating model that is free accessable. Sort of 3D-camera(s). I also believe that when you want to launch a small "robot" from a space-station you can drive it with laserbeams to push it forward (after launching it with mechanical force or other thrusting power). 80 to 90% of lightspeed must be possible by estimation/ comparison to other drives. And what when we drive a serie of launched "robots" at 1 line that excellerates the 1 before them. The mass and the power of the last robot will be the highest. In theory we must be able to go faster than lightspeed by this concept. 

I'm a big fan of Asgardia. Thanks in advance.