Dear Asgardian's,

I strive to help this community in the best way that I can, so in my efforts I would like to put forth the idea of a small group that get together and speak over Discord or Skype, for the people, towards The Council. 

This is to get the community (Mostly Citizens) more active in the slow process of creating Asgardia. I have read some forums and believe this may be a great way to get everyone involved with the project they have signed on for. Words are strong. So discussions as the people will be a good way to help us all feel involved.

 Breaking a divide before it ever begins. By bringing us all together to spread the word of Asgardia,  Online, and out in public I would like to ask many of you on your advice of a nice position between The Council and The People for some us to take up. 

If you would like to join in my efforts in these scheduled conversations message me, The more the merrier. This is also another way for us to get to know each other, no matter what background we have, and we all don't have to keep talking only over these forums. 

Thank You For What You Are Doing,

Asgardian Bryan W. B | Hopefully A New Speaker for the People (: |