Nov 26, 18 / Sag 22, 02 20:50 UTC

Will we be able to own guns onboard Asgardia?  


Feb 5, 19 / Pis 08, 03 10:14 UTC

Really? Do you want to take a ballistic weapon into a spaceship?

Feb 5, 19 / Pis 08, 03 13:46 UTC

Maybe a bubble-gun to send the person into a happy sphere. ;-)

Grtz, Dirk.

Feb 11, 19 / Pis 14, 03 20:35 UTC

The proposal of Asgardia is the peaceful development of humanity in space.

space is a hostile environment to human life, space facilities like bases, stations, shipyards, laboratories and colonizing ships obey international security protocols that prohibit the use of weapons in this environment, in addition, the international law for the use of space prohibits militarization (or similar) in the space environment because no land nation wants armed people in space planning an invasion from the sky against their country, ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha