Mar 5, 19 / Ari 08, 03 16:33 UTC

Re:Asgardia can't be a country yet.  

Dear Alex,

The Asgardia 1 satellite is therefore in space. And he points out where our land is.

Mar 8, 19 / Ari 11, 03 15:16 UTC

Usually satellites are able to make and transmit pictures.  What about Asgardia 1 satellite?

May 3, 19 / Gem 11, 03 00:31 UTC

We NEED some land, maybe all over the planet? Little patchs of Asgardia in everyones home, together we are strong!

Otherwise we will need to work on relocating to various places perhaps small towns that would be open to peace loving space bound hippies such as ourselves

Also look into low in-come housing, such as turning shipping containers into houses, the world needs low income houseing!