Jul 1, 17 / Leo 14, 01 10:21 UTC

Re: Asgardian Constitution: Proposals for Changes  

Please read and sign my petition. It directly seeks to promote more active citizen participation in government.


Jul 9, 17 / Leo 22, 01 00:20 UTC

Proposal 1 for Amendment to Article 34.3: The system of the nation’s executive bodies comprises 12 Apostles.

Proposal 2 for Amendment to Article 34.3: The system of the nation’s executive bodies comprises 12 Knights of The Round Table.

Jul 9, 17 / Leo 22, 01 02:52 UTC

Proposal, Flush the current Constitution down the toilet and start over.  Write out one paragraph at a time, and have everyone vote as to weather said paragraph should be in the constitution. Must be at least a 75% of voters to say yes before accepting said paragraph and continuing to the next. an let this be the process for forming everything in the Constitution.

Jul 9, 17 / Leo 22, 01 18:04 UTC

I'm appreciating your amendments really much, not joking. :-D

Jul 10, 17 / Leo 23, 01 00:15 UTC

@Elwe Thor Thank you. :) 

I just discovered the Italian sub-forum. See you there.

Aug 14, 18 / Lib 02, 02 23:21 UTC

It's been a while since I've been on the website and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw "Kingdom" word everywhere. 

Who is the King of this Kingdom? Wth.

I'm so disappointed with where this Asgardia Nation goes. 

I haven't had chance to read everything but a space nation is something human race advancing why we bring old political mechanisms to a new era of humanity? Why can't we invent something new and better and more embracing every aspects of ideas?

Well, I'm so upset with this Kingdom thing since I saw that just wanted to express my thoughts. 


Aug 14, 18 / Lib 02, 02 23:42 UTC

Yes it is some time now, most people where against it because they made a direct link to a kingdom like on earth. But it is more meant in a symbolic way. The idea came from united kingdom, as in our saying One Humanity, One Unity. The wording Space Nation still exists and is more used internal to describe our nation, our community. Space Kingdom is more a name used to the outside and to present all things that are connected with Asgardia, like the Head of Nation, government, law, space businesses, etc etc..

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Aug 23, 18 / Lib 11, 02 05:55 UTC

Constitution Amendments:

1) Prioritize legal protection of citizens (8.5) above restriction of rights and freedoms (8.9).

2) Rewrite 4.4.g to allow criticism of the law and ideological debate.

Non-Constitution Ideas:

3) Citizen groups have the right to appeal Court decisions to a public jury in the case of their freedoms or rights being broken or overturned.

4) Classify this forum as a public utility which supports free speech, with a section for political or religious debates. (Kyle Kulinski is a popular free speech advocate who put forward the idea of classifying large social media websites as public utilities. People will always disagree over ideology. Moderators redirecting heated debates to a debates section would be more mature than deleting posts.)

Aug 29, 18 / Lib 17, 02 13:54 UTC

Hey friends, how are you?

I need your vote to be the Mayor of Toronto for Asgardia to bring people together and celebrate life and technology.

Can you click here and upvote: https://asgardia.space/en/blog/38368-empty/

Thanks for your support :)