May 3, 19 / Gem 11, 03 00:49 UTC

Re:Citizenship Act, 2018 (0002) is illegal and counter to the Constitution  

I am saddened and will try. So far contacting people has been like trying to wring water out of the stone, as it we're. There are occasional government officials popping into threads such as this and helping, I'm extremely grateful for that, but they are few and far between, there needs to be more "people in the know" that aren't quite government official's but aren't quite the average Asgardian Joe like you or me, to but into these threads more often, theres so much doubt and basically the higher ups right now are like "$100 Euro a year that is nothing" but don't realize, or don't care, that i would guess 75% of all people who signed up for Asgardia live paycheck to paycheck and were sold a promise that is not being full filled.

So I want everyone to pay attention to what "
Asgardian 260028
" said, it's very to the point and shows that either Asgardia must turn around very soon or forever face that their first election was fraught with contraversy and calls of it being unjust he says this:

([Asgardian 260028]

Jan 10, 03 / Jan 10, 19 09:26 UTC

Sorry, I do not see in the constitution where is says that Citizenship can be stripped. I do understand that citizenship can be conditional on the payment of this fee, however when we became citizens, there was no fee. Therefore, we have been granted citizenship previously. Stripping citizenship due to failure to pay taxes is NOT possible under the current constitution. Fine, put us in space prison, however you cannot simply arbitrarily strip us of our citizenship.

Alternatively, all the past elections are null and void as the votes where cast by non-citizens.

From a legal perspective, it is one or the other. We are either citizens OR the elections were bogus.)

Such fucking wise words. And i say fucking because I can and am PISSED the Elitest Government people don't realize what a Steep Price $100 Euro a year is for the MAJORITY OF PEOPLE WHO SIGNED UP FOR THIS THING!!

GIVE ME A LIST OF WHAT EACH CITIZEN GETS, DO WE EVEN GET OUR PASSPORT/ASGARD ID CERTIFICATE? What are the plans for businesses that have stagnanted trying to contact you through the forums for almost 3 years now. What are the plans for the Space Station, Moon Base, Earth Embassys???? What do any of us get for paying your extortion fee of $100 EURO a year that isn't "BRAGGING RIGHTS OF BEING A CITIZEN OF ASGARDIA A CURRENTLY NONEXISTANT NATION THAT EXISTS NOWHERE"

Jul 13, 19 / Leo 26, 03 07:43 UTC

Are there any guarantees? So we will pay this 100 euros, what will this give us ?, for example, I did not receive an answer to the question, if I pay 100 euros, will I get an Asgardia passport ?, and what will this passport give me?

(А есть какие то гарантии? Вот мы будем платит эта 100 эвро, что эта нам даст?, например я не получил ответ на вопрос, если я оплачу 100 эвро я получу паспорт Асгардии?, и что мне вообще даст этот паспорт?)

Dec 10, 19 / Cap 08, 03 19:18 UTC

So....socialism is already a thing here? Virus spreads fast....

Stop Whining, the people who pay, do so without getting any benefits anyways.