Dec 16, 18 / Cap 14, 02 17:27 UTC

Re:How many people alive  

What do you mean by "spoken"?

* What if they are speaking, just not in the forums?

* What if they became a resident/citizen and no longer have access to home internet, transportation to get to the public library, or money for cell service -- in order to to somehow "speak"? 

* What if their earth government silenced the airwaves, blocked Asgardia from approved sites to visit, thus making it so they cannot "speak"?

* What if they've been hospitalized or incarcerated? They cannot "speak"....

I think your statement needs more clarification.

Dec 17, 18 / Cap 15, 02 14:47 UTC


What I mean by "speak" is HOW they speak. You did not clarify your statement to include a definition of "speak." If you want to argue for a stance, it's important you provide the definitions so the audience you're engaging with can understand and collaborate with you.

If you're specifically talking about the website where you can learn university courses for free -- it turns out there are a few of them: (I have NO IDEA what "mooc" stands for. You need to be clear.)






I have not personally vetted these sites. Use at your own risk.

Jan 1, 19 / Aqu 01, 03 02:32 UTC

Alex - Thank you for your suggestions.

Constitution can only be altered by a referendum, and that has to be called by Parliament on a request of at least 5% of all citizens.

Personally, I do not care if a citizen is happy and chooses not to "speak" for 1 year or two or three - it is their choice and i can not punish them for exercising their choice.

Jan 9, 19 / Aqu 09, 03 19:19 UTC

My Asgardien friends(Brothers and Sisters) I'm here and I will be, forever. Live Asgardia!!

Feb 20, 19 / Pis 23, 03 03:03 UTC

What if a citizen doesn't speak because he/she was disappointed? There is no way to close an account. I think this option should be added, otherwise it turns out that we can get in, but we can't get out. :)

Feb 21, 19 / Pis 24, 03 15:30 UTC

Lara, you can read about deleting your account on faq

Mar 5, 19 / Ari 08, 03 16:28 UTC

Hello to everyone.

Of course, we want to hear something from our citizens. Most importantly, we expect them to participate during the voting period. Despite all this, people have the right to remain silent.