Nov 21, 18 / Sag 17, 02 17:17 UTC

Human Rights in Asgardia  

Ana Mercedes Díaz, the Prime Minister of Asgardia shares a message in which she makes an important account of the history of Human Rights on our planet. She recalls how Asgardia, from its conception in the mind of Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli, has considered Human Rights a clear priority for the Nation. This is why our constitution unmistakably stipulates that all Human Rights and freedoms are recognized in Asgardia, in accordance with the general adopted principles and norms of international law.

Among those rights, Ms. Díaz points out the innovative nature of the right to participate in space exploration and the right to universal access to scientific information about space, as well as the right to property, inheritance and self-management.

Ms. Diaz assures that human rights are present as one of the fundamental pillars of democracy. She mentions that humanity is the supreme value in Asgardia as it is expressed in article #4 of our constitution and reminds us that this value is what makes coexistence, respect for human rights, the preservation of peace, the maintenance of a democratic system, and the development of our society possible.

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Dec 4, 18 / Cap 02, 02 06:00 UTC

I personally would be more in favour of a tax, it's self-regulatory by being a percentage rather than a flat rate, and ideally, only income made through Asgardian channels would be taxed. 

Dec 4, 18 / Cap 02, 02 16:34 UTC

I wish:

* it was easier to get my questions answered

* to find the information to get my questions answered on their own.

But I'm still pretty new here. If I it were easier getting answers to questions from Asgardia (as a whole --thanks to those who've previously answered questions in the forums), then it would be easily known which path to take to:

* raise the issue

* know it was heard

* see confirmation that it's being addressed by the proper people.

Although, I can see it from many angles, Kamica's previous post (also found on his blog) points out the glaring discrepancies in these legal documents and I'm in full support of that being rectified.

Dec 5, 18 / Cap 03, 02 13:40 UTC

From my understanding, it's been difficult to contact whatever driving forces there are to Asgardia. I've tried to find any way to contact my parliamentary representative for example, and I have difficulty even finding out who that is, and none of the people seem to have contact details =/.

So yea, I'd like to second that.

Dec 7, 18 / Cap 05, 02 12:33 UTC

I believe we are supposed to go through our local mayor:'s-Mayors-Frequently-Asked-Questions

Or make a petition. 

I think this fee is a risky move. 

Dec 8, 18 / Cap 06, 02 20:44 UTC

The petition system doesn't seem to work, and most of the world doesn't have mayors yet (Auckland, my district, doesn't even have a candidate yet)

Dec 13, 18 / Cap 11, 02 13:33 UTC

Petition system doesn't work? I knew it needed tweaking but I didn't know it was completely broken. 

Dec 16, 18 / Cap 14, 02 17:29 UTC

I've tried to contact the Mayor nearest me via a Friend Request -- because that is the only way I can contact them -- and I got: 


So, contacting our nearest Mayor only works if they accept your friend invitation and actually speak to you.

Jan 1, 19 / Aqu 01, 03 01:56 UTC

The best way will be to contact your local Mayor, or where he/she is not available, your parliamentary representatives if your question cannot or is not answered on these forums.

Questions get's "lost" in the forums as it's difficult to have to go into each and every sub forum to see if there are any questions not answered yet.

There will shortly be contact details for the 12 different committees in parliament. If you have a legitimate question or point to raise, you can write a letter to your parliamentary representative in the committee which your action or issue pertains to.