Jan 14, 19 / Aqu 14, 03 14:56 UTC

Re:Ocean City  

Alex, They have had science labs under the ocean, not too deep maybe 50 feet or less. But there is talk about making floating cities to be placed on the ocean just off the coasts. 

Jan 14, 19 / Aqu 14, 03 20:06 UTC

making rapture-like submerged cities are quite costly and unfeasible, not to say ugly because of the immense pressure, is more feasible as they count making a floating city, even an artificial island on which to build on it. EYE is not cheap, but it is more feasible

Jan 17, 19 / Aqu 17, 03 14:05 UTC

@Alex Color, this was years ago, but they may still be around. I'm not sure though. All i remember seeing was they were small, held a few people. and they lived on the ocean floor in several different places. 

Jan 18, 19 / Aqu 18, 03 15:01 UTC

How did you see them?  

Jan 25, 19 / Aqu 25, 03 01:31 UTC

there are thousands of ships in good condition abandoned in shipyards that could be used as dwellings for floating cities

it is possible to reform these ships and adapt them to serve as a dwelling

Apr 14, 19 / Tau 20, 03 21:06 UTC

The idea with ships is a nice one if one can live outside of jurisdictions in the international waters.
Though it is still a bit costly probably to be bought via crowdfunding. What is the price range?

MX3D not so long ago printed a whole bridge from stainless steel, so probably one could use a large printer to make a ship less expensively.