Oct 15, 18 / Oph 08, 02 15:32 UTC

Parliamentary Questions  

Ask parliament your questions on this topic.

Dec 7, 18 / Cap 05, 02 12:12 UTC

Are there plans to televise parliamentary procedings and if not, why?

Jan 9, 19 / Aqu 09, 03 13:49 UTC

I wish to challenge the suspension and potential stripping of citizenship of existing citizens. What is the process for starting legal proceedings and have the current process of extorting money from existing citizens to be suspended?

Jan 9, 19 / Aqu 09, 03 18:11 UTC

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Jan 26, 19 / Aqu 26, 03 09:58 UTC


I read Mr. Shpilsky introduction to the investment structure of Asgardia. I am uneasy about the fact that 7 individuals/investment pools/investement funds ("global investors") that each invest 1 billion EUR gain so much control in Asgardia (AG). This clearly creates a system where political power is derived from economic/financial power. I am asking the parliament to address this imbalance of power.

Feb 9, 19 / Pis 12, 03 18:04 UTC

Hello, secret Parliament? You've got a revolt brewing down here, and Asgardia is losing people. 

Apr 20, 19 / Tau 26, 03 07:52 UTC

Now that Decree No. 33 has come into effect, what will be the next steps. Can someone clarifies this for me ?

Nov 12, 19 / Sag 08, 03 23:38 UTC

I understand that there is to be a physical Asgardia identification card, as is shown on the profile when paying the citizenship fee? I'd like to suggest that Parliament use this opportunity to issue Smart Cards. It would be the planned ID card, but with cryptographic certificates just like what Estonia uses (https://e-estonia.com/solutions/e-identity/e-residency/), for example. It would allow for secure identity validation, which could be used for eGovernment, secure emails, and as a password replacement for access to the website via SSL client certificates. If interested, I'm happy to explain benefits and technical implementation details outside of this forum environment.