May 21, 17 / Can 01, 01 08:52 UTC

Cigarette smoke and other drugs  

Hello Asgardians!
As you know every country has a list of forbidden drugs and of drugs you can use after a medical prescriction. I was thinking about the discoveries of this century and how this can affect such a list in Asgardia's laws. Here are my opinion:
>Cigarettes should be outlawed as cocacine, meth and heavy drugs. (Even if it was possible to smoke on a spacial station)
>Asgardians should encourage the use of electronic pipes (or electronic cigarettes), in order to leave the dependence from nicotine and from gestures caused by normal cigarettes.
>Marijuana should be taken after medical prescription, but only in the form of food or drinking, such as tea or even muffins if you want, to treat minor diseases.
>Morphine should be used only in serious emergency cases in pain treatment.
>Hashish as morphine. Via aerosol is forbidden.

Those were my opinions, what do you think about?

May 21, 17 / Can 01, 01 13:00 UTC

The fact that cigarettes (tobacco) are still legal amazes me. Try this thought experiment out:

You are a product safety regulator and you are examining a proposal for a new product. The information in the proposal says that this product will:

  1. Contain chemicals are known carcinogens.
  2. Contain one of the most toxic substances on Earth.
  3. Contain unknown chemicals.
  4. Be highly addictive.
  5. Kill 1 in 3 of its long term users.
  6. Produce chronic illness in the other 2 in 3 long term users, requiring expensive medical treatment.
  7. Harm other people in the immediate vicinity of people using this product.
  8. Produce a toxic waste from its use that takes thousands of years to naturally degrade.

Would you approve it for use?

Sep 27, 17 / Sco 18, 01 13:57 UTC

Eu acho que faz sentido pensar em listas de drogas que sejam legais e ilegais.

Um mínimo de Permissividade é necessário para qualquer civilização.

I think it makes sense to think of lists of drugs that are legal and illegal.

A minimum of Permissiveness is required for any civilization.

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