Tsiolkovsky was the first man interested with spacism as a real-concrete subject, not as a science fiction theme. He wrote about human being in the space. He was a scientist.

Gagarin was the first man went to the space. He wrote ‘Space and Psychology’ with first hand experience.

Ashurbeyli is the first man founded the first space nation state.

All 3 are Russians.

Tsiolkovsky lived in tschar period, Gagarin lived in USSR period, Ashurbeyli lived his middle age in liberal Russia.

Tschar period Russia was not even a 3rd World, USSR period Russia was 2nd World against USA, Russia is 1st World as in G-8.

First country gone to space (USSR) was a result of WW1, third country gone to space (China) was a result of WW2.

A process in a longer period than a century.

An interesting comparing and contrasting result for 'human in space' history.