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Defense needs of Asgardian  

Guidelines for Asgardia defense 

By Asgardian Ricky Scott Sickles 

Defense Strategist


 Thisis a basic guide for setting up Asgagrdia's Protection needs. Even though Weare just at the beginning we as a nation have to start thinking of our nation'sfuture.

  Firstthing that has to be considered is number of trained personal that will beneeded to begin with .

  Thefirst Item is Head of Nation and  embassyDefense .

  These will have to be trained individuals, which could take up to sixmonths for the first detachment. Made up of    Twenty-four personal, broken down in teams of eight. Eight hours onsixteen off ,for sleep ,recreation, and additional training.  Deployment will be one year for the firstdetachment at which time training needs to be started for replacements .Sinceall citizens who are not in governmental duty, will rotate through the DefenseForce.

  Training should be in the areas of combat arms and tactical defense andextraction of embassy staff in case of an emergency.

   Next is combat medical training in order to treat and save any woundedtill they can get to a safe hospital area, whether or not it's Asgardian orhost country .

Next area of training must be in PublicAffairs/Relations. Asgardian Personal should always present Them self's ascultured and polite , but not superior to others .    

  Otherareas of training will have to be in cyber security in order to stop intrusionof Asgardia's secure communications and files ,we don't want a wikies leaks..

  Inorder to conduct training ,The government of Asgardia will have to set up afacility that will have to cover at least ten square miles 

  Oneway to do this is to buy or rent areas of a friendly nations bases .This issomething that many earth nations have done , mostly from the United States.Training can be done by host nation.

  Thenext area of concern is Pilot Training, from helicopters, UAVs/RCAVs  toembassy jets .

  Thiswould be the first faze to later be followed by Space flight training.

  Forthis we will need ten permanent personal to start ,since pilots take the mostto train. As Asgardia expands the needs of the fledgling fleet will change aswe grow .

As will the needs of the Defense Force as weadd more Embassy's ,and as we expand into space and beyond the earth'sorbit.  For Aircraft and Pilot, and Airtraffic control manuals They can be gotten free from the FAA as downloads

Manuals to read at this point are

<<MCO P3500.72A.pdf>>






Also this link will help in training as astarter Urban OPS Offense andDefense TBS







Other readings are https://www.sonshi.com/original-the-art-of-war-translation-not-giles.html or the Gilestranslation  https://www.sonshi.com/original-the-art-of-war-translation-not-giles.html and lastly for now 

<<Volume156BRColwell book of fiverings.pdf>>

Jul 22, 17 / Vir 07, 01 03:40 UTC

A highly trained police force could be incorporated into Asgardia as the nation increases in size but I recommend the training to make the officers courteous to others and try as much to train officers that are calm and level headed. A military force could be put into action if we find external threats while shielding technologies should be used when possible to protect against the deadly radiation of space.

Sep 28, 17 / Sco 19, 01 03:15 UTC

One of the hall marks of any Defense Force is that it is at all times courteous and respectful when in public and adhere to a strict code of conduct . But are never to behave or be  perceived as superior to any one else