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My Basic Plan for the Creation and schedual for Creating the Various Asgaurdian Security Agencies and Defensive Forces  

Before a plan for a basic outline on how to start the Asgaurdian Security and Defense forces can begin, a few precepts that need to be taken into account.

1.  Every nation that has or will exist will need some organized force to protect its citizens and territory against violent force by other countries and organizations. Countries that do not have there own military or defensive troops or rely on others, either the other states or mercenaries,  forfeit their ability to self-determination.

2. A nation bearing arms and containing an organized military force is not the same as a nation that views war as a tool of expansion. Governments can and do maintain military forces, purely for defensive operations.

3. The implementation of any new security/military forces must be based on the current need and resources of the state.

4. Current treaties prohibiting weapons and militarization of space will not last much longer. As more and more nations continue to gain the ability to access space, and as technology advances and makes it possible for people to occupy space in greater numbers and for increasing amounts of time.

5. Current Treaties Concerning ownership of celestial bodies will not last. We must be practical when many of these treaties were crafted space technology was a far less advanced and the idea of creating settlements on other celestial bodies was deemed to be so far off as not matter too much. Today we are much closer to creating those settlements, perhaps not as close as the optimists like Elon Musk and the Mars One Project believe, however, we are still far closer than when these treaties were crafted.

So my plan for implementation of an Asgardian Security/ Defensive force is designed roughly to coincide with the growth and eventually permanence of Asgardian as a state. For any Military forces to exist, Asgardia must have some territory or objectives for said forces to defend.

1. General Security and Intelligence Service (GSIS).

This would be a force that is not concerned with law enforcement, but rather a branch that is charged purely with the defense of Asgurida's Main Station, and future Satellite installations and Important members of the Asgardian Government. I list this as the first branch to be created because the technology that will allow for more people to inhabit the station increase Asgurdia will be taken more and more seriously as a nation-state. As this happens members of the government and their families could end up being under real threats from Terrorists, criminals, and even hostile nations. This Force would also be responsible for collecting intelligence both signal and human. Thus it would be prudent to establish a security force that could protect and defend these individuals, as well as eventually the station facilities until more fitting organizations can be established.

2. Customs and Cutter Service(ACCS) or Coast Guard (ACG).

While Asgurdia will not have coasts per say, we will be an island in the vacuum of space. As such, as the station grows and the amount commerce and traffic going back and forth between the Asguardia grows, Asgurida will need a dedicated force that will inspect incoming and outgoing cargo for contraband and other dangerous items, as well as to perform safety inspections on all manner of vessels and satellites. Asgardia will also require some force that can deal with vessels in distress and interdict vessels and satellites which may pose a danger to Asgardia. The coast guard could even take over full responsibility for defensive operation from the security force, allowing the security force to focus on the protection of VIP's. For the foreseeable, the coast guard would act a military defensive force, as that there would only be single station and possibly a small number of outposts that would need protection and some organized military presence to deter other nations from making hostile moves against them. The Customs and Cutter Service or Coast Gaurd Would serve as that until expansion would mandate a more powerful and Dedicated Military force.

3. Asgardian Navy and Marine Corps.

The establishment of a dedicated Military force would be the Final Expansion of the Defensive and Security forces. The Navy would be the first organization that would have a Primary Military responsibility, with all other duties be secondary.  Like the navies of existing nations the Asgardian fleet would conduct research and perform nondefensive operations however these missions would be a secondary priority for the Asgardian Navy, its primary purpose would be the Defense of Asgardian territory and installation as well as enforcing the rights of vessels under the Asgardian flag. The aforementioned is the last expansion that would occur because the need for a navy would require Asgardia to have a significant established amount of territory and installations as well as permanent and substantial populace living on board the station. It will likely be many decades before an Asgardian Navy will need to be established. 

Please let me know what you think. Any constructive critism is appreciated.

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Nov 8, 17 / Sag 04, 01 19:30 UTC

Prepare for people to get upset. Also I agree with most, some questionable. But either way very thought through

Nov 10, 17 / Sag 06, 01 14:46 UTC

I certainly don't think the creation of a military is a pressing issue at the moment. Realistically right now anything outside the developing the technology needed for living longterm in space is kind of a secondary priority. What I see as the primary point of this forum is for us to discuss these concepts ahead of time, so when these issues become practical.  The only part of the security forces I could see being needed in the Near future is a body guard corps to protect key members of the government.

Nov 18, 17 / Sag 14, 01 23:25 UTC

We definitely will need a security force of some sort just to protect the ark when that is complete, but are we thinking of a huge space army or just a small militia-sort of force? plus conventional weapons on the ark would do a lot of damage to the ark its self, so i am guessing tasers and concussive type weapons?

Dec 8, 17 / Cap 06, 01 02:38 UTC

Greetings all,

I havnt been on the forums for a while and have only just seen this post. Nows probably a good time too speak of a somewhat relative subject. For almost 8 months now there has been a very very small group of people working together under the one agency name (which is specific too the type of intelligence that we both collect and analize) This agency was created and only operates for the well being, protection and best interests of all Asgardians. 

In the future most definantly Asgardia will have to grow and more subcatagory agencys will no doubt follow. For anyone interested in geting involved in the planing of this feel free too email me I am, and will be focused on this particular Agency and its catagory of Intelligence. I would welcome others who may be more interested in other types to also email me and as i did with begin planing your own. And as time progresses we will all join under the sub catagory that covers National Security and Military Intelligence ect. Also now is a good time for the current agency to take on some more people as the work load will increase due events and progression of Asgardia itself.

One last thing, dont even bother making contact if your thinking its going to be anything like you see on the movies (spying on people, being all sneaky and braking the foundermental morals of what Asgardians value. We will sometime shortly release an official information document covering everything we do and what we are about.

Dec 9, 17 / Cap 07, 01 14:53 UTC

Christofer, SARUTOR.


Si todo esta legalmente reconocido por el parlamento de Asgardia, contar conmigo.

Christofer, SARUTOR.

GREETINGS AND THAT THE FORCE ACCOMPANY YOU. If everything is legally recognized by the parliament of Asgardia, count on me.

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