Jan 13, 18 / Aqu 13, 02 02:05 UTC

you Asgardians believe that nuclear weapons must be destroyed?  

hello asgardianos. We all know that nuclear weapons in the whole world are increasingly sophisticated and in greater quantity. also for none of you it is a secret that the geopolitical situation worldwide is getting worse because of the hegemony of the united states at the world level. Now what do you think? should nuclear weapons be eliminated? for our survival?

Jan 13, 18 / Aqu 13, 02 04:06 UTC

Nope deff not!!! I mean if you want more wars then by all means get rid of them but otherwise nope

Jan 14, 18 / Aqu 14, 02 05:35 UTC

Los hermanos Asgardian debemos entender el peligro que representa para la tierra y para el futuro de las armas nucleares de asgardia

The Asgardian brothers must understand the danger it represents for the earth and for the future of asgardia nuclear weapons

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Mar 20, 18 / Ari 23, 02 20:49 UTC

Whatever for?
Like pistols, knives, and other weapons, they are mere tools. Just with a bigger boom-factor.