Sep 27, 17 / Sco 18, 01 16:57 UTC

Any Thereminists Here?  

I play the theremin, and was wondering if anyone else here played it or anything like it, and if so, what model/type do you have? i have a Moog Theremini, which i didn't realise was mainly for effects until it was too late, but i'm making do with it until i can get an Etherwave plus.

Oct 19, 17 / Oph 12, 01 02:08 UTC

I cannot play the theremin, though I am fascinated by it. I study music theory and composition, and I am particularly interested in electric instruments such as synthesizers, the theremin, ondes martenot, among other things. I have attempted to play one a bit, but it is rather difficult and I can not afford one. I think they can be incredibly and beautifully expressive.


Oct 25, 17 / Oph 18, 01 04:01 UTC

it is extremely difficult, i can barely play and i've been trying for two years, but it's such a beautiful sound i cant look aaway from it