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Re: Asgardia anthem  

I noticed a lot without lyrics and some sound loops. These did not get my vote. I voted for this (even though I don't understand it):
It had one negative vote, but it's a very nice melody.

I also voted for my own song, which I feel a bit strange about - so be it. The entry by Michael Klubertanz reminds me too much of a religious hymn. Having said that, the instruments sound quite good. I imagine they must be part of a sample library. I doubt anyone will catch him up. I'm very pleased with the fact that I got 12 (+1) votes (so far) without orchestration or a choir. :)

Not many people provided a score which is a bit disappointing. I think the organizers ought to have accepted scores as entries.

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Feb 5, 17 / Pis 08, 01 10:22 UTC

@EpaSorken Thanks, now I know where it's from. That's quite funny. Haha!

Feb 5, 17 / Pis 08, 01 10:39 UTC

One thing I'm wondering about this competition is how agreeing to hand over copyright affects failed or rejected entries. Will the copyright be returned to the composer? The reason I ask is that it might already be illegal for me to create an arrangement of my song for choir. Does anyone know? I would have to find time to do it. Hiring performers also costs a lot of money which I simply don't have.

Feb 16, 17 / Pis 19, 01 20:48 UTC

I accidentally voted negative for some anthem entries. Is there any chance that I could have all my negative votes for others discounted, or preferably removed. I'm unable to change the votes myself. Those in charge of this competition ought to be able to do something.

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Jun 20, 17 / Leo 03, 01 20:25 UTC

Kind of an old thread but wanted to point out that in the voting there was an already existing anthem from the Czech Republic as a choice which I found distasteful.  I don't want to copy Czech Republic's anthem.  Not sure if the person who allowed that even knew that detail, probably didn't.  If I had my way and put in an anthem from a older composer for Asgardia, I would've submitted Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No1 in F Major BWV 1046: 1. Allegro.  Very lively, upbeat and technically awesome.  Some of the best from the baroque period.  Oh well.  There were some really good ones in there though.  I think the one that got the highest ratings was a pretty decent one that I think sounds more like a concept prototype.  What I think needs to happen next is the winning ones go on to be formally composed with a live orchestra, added to and developed into a full fledge symphony piece with some chorus singing if the track called for (in concept) choral arrangement.  After that have a final round of voting.

-- EDIT --

Double checked the anthem, actually it's a piece from Prague but not considered it's anthem.  So I was incorrect as I thought for the longest time it was.  Someone said this to me and that's what I get for believing him without verifying.  He travels over there for most of the year.

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Aug 18, 17 / Lib 06, 01 06:55 UTC

"formally composed with a live orchestra" - I absolutely agree. The organizers could have allowed pdf format for entries: then a score could have been submitted. My entry doesn't sound quite how I imagine it to sound (amateur recording with unaccostomed voice). The piano version I created was a little too busy in places (just needs one or two notes removing). I didn't continue working on it because I wasn't getting much feedback and I wasn't able to convert from midi to mp3. The cost of hiring an orchestra to rehearse and record a piece of music is a lot more than the prize money of 1000 euros. As a self-employed musician, I couldn't possibly invest any more time on the project than I have already. If I was just a hobbyist then maybe.

Sep 13, 17 / Sco 04, 01 15:11 UTC

good anthem, i like this