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Asgardian International Music Industry  

Asgardia and copyright law must inevitably discussed.

I want to propose here that Asgardia should generally support open source initiatives - especially with respect to Asgardians' consumption of art.

But with regards to foreign business, we should have a clause within our copyright law which expects tarrifs on exports to foreign societies. Foreign radio services, advertising agencies and traditional television networks should pay for whichever Asgardian works are produced in our name.

Not to say citizens must restrict themselves to producing art under this license but if they choose to use Asgardian national distribution services, there should be some declaration to produce that particular art as an Asgardian.

Asgardia could inspire the founding of a private Asgardian record label to this end. This record label would produce all its music according to those copyright laws which at once preserve Asgardian citizens right to free culture and art, and also, to preserve the nation's right to profit from international trade.

The Label should primarily prioritize foreign sales of individual tracks through Apple Music and Spotify or through its own service.

To begin the process of getting music flowing around the world, Asgardia needs to appeal to crowfunding in order to attract and hire a few musicians to form bands and artist brands across the spectrum of popular genre, and to reward them for the submission  of tracks.

Ultimately it's up to the Arts and Culture ministry to inspire  international trade with foreign organizations for permissions to play Asgardian tracks. They would also be responsible for seeding the first private industries and the first Asgardian artists.

The early tracks and trade will produce some early funding for the state, and through that we can begin expanding our operations to include live musical tours and merchandise sales.

Asgardian radios would be mandated to play 60% Asgardian content, once sufficient content exists.

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