Nov 19, 17 / Sag 15, 01 20:47 UTC

Re: Asgardian Musicians Thread  

My music is all over, but centrally located at to

Nov 27, 17 / Sag 23, 01 03:03 UTC

Hola soy de chile soy músico ;) dejo algo de MP40 y Deimos Anomlay (Industrial/EBM/ruido)

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Dec 11, 17 / Cap 09, 01 08:08 UTC

I'm a classically trained cellist, something that has sort of been shoved aside once I landed an engineering job with semiconductors out of college. It's been a long time since I'd done serious work on music, but ever since I'd been working on indie game development as a hobby, it's a part of my life I'm trying to get back into more seriously.  Easier said than done... but here are some of the tracks I'd been working on for a game project that's still in development.  These three I particularly like how they turned out, though I'll give them a final pass at a later date.

Dec 13, 17 / Cap 11, 01 02:54 UTC

Hi there, I've just became a citizen and just wanted to say hello to everyone.
I'm a Berlin-based percussionist/pianist/composer/conductor/electronic music producer (looks a bit over the top like this).
My soundcloud link is this

Jan 29, 18 / Pis 01, 02 19:09 UTC

Greetings from Mexico,

    Round-genre bass player, I'm here if needed. Glad to hear all of your work, fellow Asgardians. I'll try to take some time and check all of your posted work. No harsh feedback, just for my own enjoyment. Thanks to all of you for sharing. Peace.