Jan 30, 18 / Pis 02, 02 20:25 UTC

Cannabis and Outer Space, do they mix?  

How will we manage the use of cannabis(medicinal mostly) in space and in the future? A long time controversial topic may now be free from Earth's "gravity"?

Jan 31, 18 / Pis 03, 02 00:03 UTC

I imagine the safety issues around having naked flames on a spacecraft means that smoking of any kind would be completely illegal. 

I'd imagine that the use of recreational drugs would be banned or very heavily controlled in the early stages of any space colony, as everyone present is likely to be involved in life-critical systems. Medical uses may be allowed, but I wonder if someone who needed a prescription for medical cannabis would meet whatever fitness requirements are in place for the early colony. 

I suspect this is a question that the parliament won't really need to deal with until we have a much more settled colony.

Apr 3, 18 / Tau 09, 02 07:58 UTC

Plants grow in space provided a created atmospheric environment, just like humans would use. This is a versatile plant to my belief so the right breed, and conditions for just it, would of course grow the plant, if successful.

It would be cool to see created: the dome of a ship's plant area / greenhouse, some section on the side, to gain star sunlight. I suppose there should be effective artificial lights for nutritional purpose given to the plants. Would there be day and night, or are there those plants best kept in a dark (dry or damp?) cupboard secretly having dreams of longterm nighttime starship flying?

As for 'smoking in space' I find that very unadviseable. The plant used in true responsibility, would be to care for it whilst it lives and use it well with traditional-like healing methods.