Sep 16, 17 / Sco 07, 01 16:57 UTC

A.N.N - No Place For Opinions  

The reason for creation of this country is unity and freedom, which is being depleted from Earth. With that said, we all have our own minds, and there is no room for opinions in the news network, or at least Asgardia's. We can make our own opinions, we don't need the governments or news agency's. I think that A.N.N. should not include opinions, lest there be a special hour for that or if warned ahead of time. I've seen opinions heavily influencing news from Fox to C.N.N. Just the facts, thank you very much.

Jul 15, 18 / Vir 00, 02 21:22 UTC

 Hello Mr. Walters !

 I understand your position completely, I was quite started when I read the A.N.N's submission requirements. It excludes any articles that could be misconstrued as negative, or damaging to Asgardia. 

Jul 21, 18 / Vir 06, 02 18:24 UTC

I fully fully fully agree with Baselifter here! And would look forward to see any progress in that field. Happily would help out with my very limited skills in that field.